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We can use our dreams to improve our mental, physical and emotional status. By using your dreams you can development motivation to encourage you to follow your dreams to better health.

Once you have your dreams established, you will find it easier to engage and continue weight training.

There are many types of training available these days not only to boost physical ability and capability but also to attain highest performance level possible in any particular world of fitness. Sports are usually considered as a positive activity that not only improves your health but also keeps you active and obtaining an enriched and fruitful life.

Through out the years, trainers as well as instructors for all kinds of sports have been looking into ways to improve their way of coaching and instructing in order to attain desired performance level. One of the most crucial attributes in all sports is none other than strength.

In order to increase strength, weight training by far is the most popular of all athletesí training regimen. It is not as simple as it sounds. It is actually a fairly complex structured training program that differs from bodybuilding and weightlifting. In the 19th century, dumbbell was developed as this form of training became gradually popular in the 1980s.

The principal of weight training are basically training that involve a manipulation of the number of repetition movements, sets of movement, types of exercise and weight moved to effect certain desired improvement in strength, shape and mass. The combination can be adjusted to suit personal preference like working on fewer repetitive movements with a heavier dumbbell.

Other than dumbbells, there are other equipments that can be used as a weight training implements like barbells, pulleys and chin up bars. Training like push-ups can be conducted without any use of the equipments. It takes massive discipline to conduct weight training effectively as it may be strenuous to focus on the same repetitive movement exercises on the appropriate muscle group. By transferring the resistance of the weight to other muscle groups during the training, the results will not be as desired and effective as the actions and exercises have to be precisely executed and manipulated.

In any sports, safety is of paramount importance, which cannot be taken lightly. Although, weight training is relatively safe when the actions are usually slow, controlled and consciously defined. However, injury can occur if there is any incorrect or improper execution of the weight training exercise. For example, usually coming to the end of a set of exercise, there is a tempting notion to utilize or transfer the resistance to other muscle groups that incidentally may not be able to handle the resistance or the weight.

During the training regimen, if any sudden pain or discomfort should occur, the training should be halted immediately. Although not all discomfort may be due to injury but it is better to be careful than sorry as not to further deteriorate the condition of the person conducting the training. Not everyone can find success in weight training, as it is a very intense form of training that not many is also to accustomed to this level of effort.
Beginner should follow a slower building up weight training programme. A sudden vigorous training programme on an untrained individual can cause muscular soreness because primarily unexercised muscles of beginners contain cross-linkages, which are fragile and easily torn. Anyone if intensive training must be conducted due to some reasons, it is advised that he should consult a physician of the viability.