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22dreams With Smells22

Dreams come in a wide variety of subjects and types, and almost anything in our waking lives can become fertile ground for reinterpretation in the dream world. Analyzing these various kinds of dreams can be fun and exciting, for both experts and normal dreamers alike.

Dream researchers through the years have discovered several types of dreams. Most people experience a variety of these dream categories through their lives, but some types of dreams are more common than others for many people.

Dream #1 - the Daydream
The daydream is not like other dreams, in that it takes places while the person is awake. It is important to note, however, that daydreams take place in a state of consciousness that is somewhere between full waking and full sleep.

Studies have shown that most people spend anywhere from 70 to 120 minutes daydreaming each day. During a daydream, the imagination is allowed free rein, and it often takes us to far off places and exciting adventures.

Dream #2 - the Lucid Dream
Dreams in which you know you are dreaming, or lucid dreams, are one of the most fascinating subjects for dreamers and dream researchers alike. In many cases, realizing it is a dream immediately wakes the dreamer and ends the dream.

Some people, however, learn to remain in the dream even after they have learned its nature. They may even learn how to take control of the dream and become an active participant in the dream world. These lucky people often have incredible adventures night after night.

Dream #3 - the Nightmare
Most people experience at least a few nightmares during their life, and nightmares are particularly common among young children. Most children experience their first nightmare by the age of three, and continue to be troubled by them until the age of six or seven.

In addition, people who have suffered traumas, or been through very upsetting experiences or upheavals, often suffer from very vivid nightmares during which they relieve the traumatic experience. The user of professional counselors or psychologists is often required to deal with these types of nightmares.

Dream #4 - the Recurring Dream
Recurring dreams are those that seem to repeat time and time again. In some cases, the exact same dream may repeat night after night, while at other times the theme will remain the same as the scenarios or details change. Recurring dreams are fascinating to study, and while often there is an obvious real life trigger, often there is not.

Some people may even experience so called narrative dreams. These dreams, which can play out like a soap opera, often pick up where they left off the night before. The people who experience these dreams are often anxious to get to bed and find out what happens next.

Dream #5 - the Healing Dream
Some people, especially the very spiritually minded, experience healing dreams. These types of dreams are often seen as messages from the body to the mind to seek medical attention.

Dream #6 - the Prophetic Dream
Most people have had at least one dream that appeared to come true, but many people claim to have prophetic dreams on a regular basis. Because of the symbolic nature of dreams, it can often be difficult to tell if the dream was really a predictor or simply a coincidence.

In some cases, what seems like prophecy actually has a rational explanation. For instance, the subconscious mind is able to absorb much more information than can be processed by the conscious mind. This information is then rearranged during dream sleep. It is possible that he subconscious picked up various clues about an event, and created a predication about that event that ended up coming true.

Dream #7 - the Epic Dreams
Some people experience, large, sweeping, epic dreams. These dreams can be likened to an epic or blockbuster film, and their details can remain vivid and memorable months, or even years, after the original dream