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Development of the self is very crucial to achieve success in life. The foremost thing required for self development is self awareness. If you will not know about your own weaknesses and strengths, you can never achieve success in life. Moreover, to develop yourself you should start dreaming and realize your dreams to make them take a true shape. There can be various reasons of dreaming. But the most striking ones are because of unfulfilled desires daily encounters and repressed emotions. The unfulfilled desires arise because of non fulfillment of our dreams and needs. In addition, our past experiences also increase our stress level and make us feel irritated and we experience these dreams during our sleep.

When we are hurt due to some emotions and feelings that are not fulfilled, our feelings take the form of repressed emotions. There are times when we don’t know what we are dreaming. This type of dreaming is known as lucid dreaming. When we go to sleep, we disconnect ourselves from reality. The person who is sleeping is protected from external factors and internal emotions by providing dreams. The main advantage of dreaming is that it leaves our mind undisturbed from negative thoughts and excess emotions.

Our unconscious mind has the component of dream in it as dreams are experienced when we are in our sub conscious or unconscious mind. These dreams act as a representative of what we desire in life. Dreaming is a good sign to achieve personal development of a person. If you will not know your aims and ambitions in life, you can never succeed. For self development, accepting criticism is also important. Through criticism from people, you come to know about your shortcomings and that helps in shaping your life in a positive way.

Dreaming big is good but one should realize that the ways to achieve goals based on dreaming should be clean and right. In today’s society, we see different kinds of people. They range from greedy to manipulating. They can go to any limit to achieve success or ruin some other’s life. So, one should keep in mind that while dreaming for oneself and adopting measures to achieve personal development, one should not harm others. By hurting people, you can achieve what you dream but your personal development will suffer.

Various psychiatrists and psychologists have opted for the treatment of mental problems through the process of dreaming. They analyze what is there in your mind that disturbs or distracts you and according to the needs they carry on with their treatment. Moreover, dreaming positively is a rejuvenating and refreshing task as it keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. You become relaxed and your mind enjoys peace.

For realizing your dreams it is necessary to listen to your inner voice and mind. By spending time with your own self, you come to know more about yourself and that gives you a peace of mind and the ability to listen to your emotions and desires.
Take for example the case of a person who is addicted to taking drugs and tobacco. Even if he wishes to quit the habit, he will not be able to give up entirely till decides that he will work hard to curb his desires. The person will look for God’s grace and help so that his or her desire is fulfilled. But in actuality the dream will come true only if the person will be determined to quit the bad habit. Therefore, it is important to realize your dreams and then work to achieve them in the best possible manner. Realize your dreams.

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