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Not all people remember their dreams upon waking. Dreams are often classified as a part of the subconscious that deals with questions or situations that we attempt to explain in our waking moments. Because of the ambiguity of most dreams however, these can be hard to understand and interpret during the instances when we do recall these dreams. Some people may tend to be more susceptible in recalling their dreams, while others may even wake up with no idea that they had even been dreaming in the first place. Many people fail to realize that dream recall is an important way for people to receive information about themselves to help further their self-development, and that it is possible to learn dream recall.

Like most other skills, dream recall takes some time and a lot of practice to master. It is important to remember that dream recall is not simply to remember any dreams that one might have had, but to use these dreams and interpret them to further learn about the areas that one needs spiritual healing or personal development in. To do this, the first step towards being able to develop one’s dream recall is to develop a more positive attitude about the whole process. Having a negative attitude where you are convinced that it is all but impossible to wilfully remember your dream will help you fail in the endeavours before you even attempt it. Possessing the mindset that you have all the necessary skills to recall your dreams in vivid detail is the main prerequisite before starting out.

Next, there are some methods and techniques that can aid in achieving dream recall. It is important to direct your positive assertions towards your subconscious by showing your intentions to do so while you are conscious. Before going to sleep at night, it is very helpful to tell yourself out loud that you would like to achieve dream recall in order to develop yourself into a better person, and detect your areas of weakness through these dreams, and thereby improve on them. It is also good to jump the gun and tell yourself regarding the type of dream that you might like to have that night.

The next morning, you will then be aware whether or not you have dreamt. Shortly after waking up, try to concentrate on any remaining details that you may remember. It is very common to remember some bits and information about the dream you have had the night before, but this will fade over time if you have not concentrated on recalling your dreams beforehand. The second most important aspect of dream recall is now here. To be able to successfully master this skill, a lot of patience and practice is required. Very few people are able to succeed on their first try, and it takes constant practice every day before many are able to grasp its concepts. This is especially true if you have already subconsciously convinced yourself that you are do not dream, or if you do not possess the skills to recall your dreams. It will take some time for this subversion to wear off.

Lastly, it is always important to trust yourself. If you are successfully able to recall your dreams, always remember that many of the symbols and situations present in these dreams are not always easily interpretable. There are many reasons for this; it could be possible that you are not supposed to understand portent signs and symbols that you may experience during your dreams at this stage of your life, but you must trust that these meanings will become clearer to you over time.

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