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The mental dreams we conjure up in the subliminal mind while sleeping enables us to produce mental visions, images, voices, words, thoughts, etc all, which occupy the mind at the time our mind is consciously aware. In light of our thoughts, words and voices that we produce in the subjective area. This is a part of human nature, which dream is then produced and develops images, etc from personal experiences.

Dreaming is the process of psychological mechanisms in action, which some people believe that at the time of Rapid Eye Movement sleep, the most of our dreams develop whereas content formation of dreams move to psychological processing.

Images that we envision during dream states are projected from the unconscious mind. In this area of the brain, we have highly sensitive feelings to each thoughts and emotions, which we often suppress and the thoughts go unexpressed in our public life.

Aside from our repressed or suppressed desires, our dreams too comprise thoughts in which have little or anything to do with daily life in our public or individual surroundings. The images also called motifs are fashioned as archetypal visions. The subliminal or unconscious mind stores in this area a surplus of personal emotions as well as our desires of a being as it is rightly said by Carl Jung, the famous psychologist:

Mr. Jung stated that our dreams are diminutive doors hidden in the innermost area of our mind, including the secret passages or subliminal mind. He affirmed these secret passages open our “cosmic nights” that travels into the psyche mind, which has information posted long before any ego-awareness is present. This information remains in our psyche despite the length of our ego-awareness or conscious mind extends.

Accordingly to some spectators our dreams actually assist us with personal development. During our dream states the psychological, physical and metaphysical condition of the dreamer, at the time of a particular dream. The images, motifs and visions during a dream are references to these particular conditions. So, analyzing the dreams of a person, his all-round self-development is possible.

There are various methods, which are used for dream analysis. These analyzing methods are often based on theories formulated by number of psychoanalysts.

Some theorists believe that dreaming has little to do with activities within our psyche. Rather, some theorists believe it is a somatic process, which makes it known through symbols, which have a hidden meaning. These hidden meanings are required to be deciphered correctly. A correct deciphering would ensure good results in the process of self-development.

One of these methods involves visualizing the content of the dream as a whole and then replacing it by a different content, which is logical and in certain respects equivalent to the dream. This method is known as the interpreting of symbolic dreams.

According to Freud’s second notion, called the “Cipher” strategy, we can use certain methods successfully by understanding our symbolic dreams and by using the interpret strategies. Cipher method treats the dream as a secret code. All the signs and symbols of the dream’s secret code are translated into a different meaningful symbol on the basis of a formulated key. For example, some one dreamt of a letter and a funeral. The dream interpreter would say that a "letter" should be translated into "vexation" and "funeral" into an "engagement." Now one can establish a connection between the dream and one’s present condition by listing the disordered catalogue of the dream into a systematic order that the person is anxiously waiting for an important or useful engagement of which the information is still not received. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 1:12:07 PM