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Dreams And Their Interpretations
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Analyzing A Dream
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Analyzing Dream Symbols

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22dream Interpitation22


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We all have dreamt, and these dreams have given us different kinds of feelings upon waking up, realizing that these are all just dreams. But are they just as simple as we think they are? Dreams and its contents are studied in a field called Oneirology (Oneiro, a Greek term which means dream). Our history has been puzzled and riddled by the mystery set behind our dreams. Scientific studies were set out to define the meanings of the experiences, people, objects and events that we encounter as we sleep.

What do these dreams mean to us? Can they be useful to our lives to achieve a sense of self-improvement in a way or another? These are a few of the mind-boggling questions that swarm us when we think of our dreams, especially after having one. There are many explanations to what these dream mean and how are they related to our lives. Many beliefs and studies have been published to give meaning to these dreams; but the most direct way of understanding dreams is tapping our own higher self, our cosmic intelligence. Dream interpretation, in short, can be best perceived with the use of our own thoughts and analysis to arouse its meaning and concept in to our own lives.

Dream interpretation has been used to successfully interpret the symbols found in dreams. Understanding the symbols creates a bridge that creates a transition into a higher abstract means of knowing. Developing our intuition is an important aspect of a successful dream interpretation, and this is what other dream interpretation software or tools do not have. We have to develop this thing on our own. Intuition is what makes a somehow unrelated dream symbols and visions recognizable. A real cognitive process, intuition transforms these structures into connections revealing a meaningful message. It is not a mere mental reasoning. It is just simply an inner instinctual understanding and knowing that is made beyond reasoning and logic.

Our modern world places too much concern on rationalization and logic, making us not validates the higher order process of intuition as a form of mental rationalization. People tend to become ore concerned with reasoning and proving. But sometimes, these are all understated because some things cannot be simply defined at all times. Intuitions to our dreams may not tell us the outcomes of events, but it simply gives us an explanation and answers to the questions we have, if given enough thought.

But sometimes thoughts tend to become to elitist and proud. We should be aware of this though, and should not get it all mixed up with intuition. If dream interpretations come in the forms of becoming rich, famous and popular, or something else similar, we must do a double check on this matter. A lot of us suppress our emotions upon waking up, especially if we have dreamt of the extremes, because of fear of alienation of the people around our own selves and even worse – us. This fact only goes to show that the only way where we can freely and safely express ourselves is through dreaming. This further explains that dreams do become our channels and outlets for our deeply rooted emotions, wishes, thoughts and desires.

In the end, dreams may have provided us with the temporary release from all our troubles, but we must remember to continue and to go on living our present and real lives. The experience of our waking sadness must create a boost of energy for us to make a conscious effort and struggle to face our problems and live our good dreams, in the manner where we find it personally fulfilling. Discover your flying dreams.

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