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22dream Interpitation22

Our brain has a hidden compartment that we must understand to explore our dreams and use them in our favor. The brain makes up our subliminal (Subjective/Unconscious) mind and our conscious mind. We also have long-term, short-term memory, and other aspects of the brain to consider, but for now we are going to challenge the subliminal mind.

Within this area of your mind you have hidden messages that you developed down through the years from your experiences. When you venture to explore this area of the brain you often find answers to questions you have developed over the years. You will also find parts of your life that you can use to build fortitude, thus creating a whole person rather than a part. You can explore your dreams as well.

Within the hidden unconscious mind, mental processes occur while you sleep, as well as when you are awake. Because most people fail to explore this area of the brain, thus many people suppress emotions, which only lead to major chaos later.

We must develop a willingness to explore our subliminal mind in order to understand our dreams and use them for personal development. This area of our brain influences our direction in life.

Our actions and thoughts are controlled to a large degree by this area of your mind. Consistently mental processes take place in this mind where signals are channeled and often missed because most people do not want to pay attention. Most people fail to understand the power this area of the mind holds, which causes them to miss the point.

Our power within can direct our mental processes, which gives us the advantage to explore the deepest cavity of the mind, in turn helping us to understand our dreams. In the subliminal mind, or subconscious mind we have many hidden messages. We do have the power within us to explore these hidden messages to make sense of our dreams and life.

What we learned and experienced rests somewhere in your mind, and by exploring the subliminal area you will find all the answers that held you back. Your dreams also develop in your mental processes and links to your experiences and knowledge.

How to start subliminal learning to understand your dreams:
You want to make sure that the body and mind is completely relaxed before you venture into the subliminal area of your mind. You can consider a few practices to guide your body and mind into a relaxed state. Some of the popular guides for relaxation today include yoga, meditation, and Neurofeedback programs. If you have one of the newer computers you can use your Window Media and plug in a CD with natural melodies. Visuals will appear on your screen and the sounds of music will play while these visuals are channeling signals to your brainwaves. You can also use meditation as a guide to relax your body and mind.

Once your body and mind is relaxed you can allow your thoughts to roam freely. At times you may feel tension develop, especially if you stumble upon a harsh memory from some childhood experiences. Let it go. When you let it go you make room for self-healing. You will need this tool to assist you with understanding your dreams and using them for personal development as well. So, build your self-healing tools. Put the tool in your toolbox and pull it out when you need it.

Now that your body and mind is relaxed and you have allowed your thoughts to go freely, challenge what you learn. For instance, if you recall a dream you had a few years ago, study the dream and consider what benefits it could offer you. Extract what you can use and retain what you canít use in case you may find use for it later.


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