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After a long, tiring day of working hard and handling different sorts of pressures in a day, we all like to hit our nap sacks at night. The moment we retire to bed is the only time when we are at peace with ourselves. As soon as we drift in the sleep mode, we don’t have to worry about our work related tensions. We can afford to forget about the enormous pressure to meet deadlines, accomplish tasks and various other issues, which may bother us during the course of the day.

Dreams are like an escape from reality. They provide us a mechanism to control all the happenings in our life, even though for a limited span of time i.e. till the time we are asleep. Dreams empower us to visit most exotic places, do all those tasks which we refrain ourselves from doing during the day and exercise supreme authority over our life.

The most important fact is that each person’s dreams are unique to him. No two persons can share exactly the same dream or experiences while asleep. Studies reveal that the prime reason for the exclusiveness of every individual’s dreams can be attributed to the fact that dreams are intimately connected with the incidents, people associated and thoughts of a person. Hence, though two persons may be able to have same type of dreams but they will be very distinctive in their description.

Dreams also play a very crucial role in bringing together of the mind, spirit and body. They act as a self-help tool, which allows a person to introspect his inner self. Different types of dreams help in creating self-awareness trigger the process of self-exploration. They make a person realize of the various issues concerning him though he may not acknowledge them during the course of the day.

Psychologists reason that our dreams are often a sort of technique adopted by our mind to release our repressed emotions. Myriad sort of feelings, which are not able to find an escape route to release them, often resurface themselves in front of the individual’s own self in the form of dreams.
In fact, various people claim to use their dreams as their source of inspiration in their day-to-day life. Various visions and ideas experienced by a person in his dreams are often put to use in the daily life later on by those individuals. Professionals engaged in creative fields; such as painters, poets, writers and musicians often claim to seek help from their dreams to come up with new ideas and concepts.

Moreover, dreams play a very important part in determining a person’s attitude during the day. A pleasant dream helps a person to stay cheerful and happy all day long. Similarly a scary nightmare may make a person nervous and anxious. Unpleasant dreams may keep haunting a person even after they are over. Detailed studies also revealed that person who did not had any dreams, remained frustrated, irritable and were not able to concentrate their work. Thus, dreams definitely play a vital role in maintaining our overall mental, physical and spiritual health.

They help us to access our goals, issues troubling our relationship and us with us and other people. Interestingly, some people intentionally try to sleep in order to dream so that their dreams may provide them with viable solutions, which they are unable to find themselves when awake.

In fact, it is possible for a person to experience several dreams in a single night itself. This may be possible because of various issues, which keep bothering an individual in his life. The pattern and type of dreams help to access the mental, spiritual and holistic well-being. Get to know you.

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