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In order to be able to understand your dreams and be able to use them for personal development, you have to understand what makes our dreams so hard to understand. If you are not able to clearly understand the dreams that you have, you will not be able to use them to better your self. One of the reasons that dreams are so hard to understand is because of the fact that we are not able to remember our dreams even after we have been with them all night and based on that information we don’t really have anything to learn from.

The actual intention to be able to recall dreams is known to be the key to be able to understand the dreams that you have and there are actually many different tricks and techniques that will help you along the way to better your memory. One way that you should be able to remember your dreams is by putting a pen and a piece of paper by the bed and as soon as you wake up from the dream takes the time to jot down what you remember from the dream. If you are not able to remember all of the information then you can write it down as it comes to you. The next thing that you can do is actually imagine writing down a dream that you have remembered. This is actually an expectation and the actual intention to be able to recall the dreams is an individual message to the unconscious.

If you will just take the time to write down the information about the dream that you can recall you will find that just by doing that you are able to stimulate the ability to recall your dreams and if that still doesn’t seem to be working for you it is also known that taking a B complex vitamins can also help people have the ability to recall dreams.

Another reason that it is so hard to recall dreams is because of the fact that we are prone to trying to explain our dreams rather than taking the time to explore the dreams that we have. When you think about explanatory dream work you will find that it is when someone that is located outside of your skin tries to tell you what your individual dreams mean. In turn you will find that this is actually a rudimentary as well as authority centered style of a type of dream work and it has its place and can also be found as what is known as a powerful source when it comes to insights.

However when you really think about it, you will find that anyone besides the person that had the dream that tries to tell you what the dream means can be found as an intruder because they are not the one that witnessed the dream first hand and they are intruding on the actual primary bond that is in place between the actual dreamer and the dream so therefore that person is stepping in between the dreamer and the actual source of his or her being. You can find that it is actually risky business when you are trying to assign external meanings for someone else’s interior.

Overall, when you think about understanding dreams try to do it own your own by taking the parts that you can remember and attaches them to situations that are taking place in your life at that time or have taken place in the past so that you are able to use those meanings to help you with your very own personal development.

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