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22dream Analysis22 22universal Symbols22
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Interpretation Of Dreams Losing Teeth
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Analyzing Dreams Symbols
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Analyzing Dreams
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Ancient Roman Dream Interpretation
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Dream is a psychical process, and analyzing the dream content facilitates the study of origin of hysterical symptoms in human beings. These hysterical symptoms include personal fears, obsessions and illusions. Such illusions and obsessions keep recurring in dreams.

Taking into view various psychical defects and their recurrence, one thing that becomes essentially important while curing such diseases, is the process of dream building. Repression is the most important cause for dream building as dreams are actually a part of oneís psychical life and reflect an individualís psychical intensity. The desire to conceal or repress some particular thoughts leads to accumulation of these thoughts into the unconscious mind. When the person is awake the unconscious mind is also active and so, it comes forth with images of these repressed thoughts and emotions, which in other words can be defined as expression of the unconscious mind or unconscious desires. One noticeable point is that dreams are often obscure which is due to the repressive force of conscious mind. So, concentration and disarticulation is evident feature of dreams. By analyzing the dreams of a person one can know how a single repressed desire haunts the human unconscious mind and lead to dreams which are often linked together but occur in a different form each time.

Each individual has a particular kind of obsessions and fears. Obsessions can be for, either winning a cricket match or getting a god job or it could be something with the goals one would like to achieve in life. Such dreams which often are linked to ones desire of acquiring the unprocessed things in life are often known as wish fulfillment while dreaming.

In light of the above stated phenomenon, it would be right to say that dreams are a defensive stroke of mind to the scars given by moralistic society. Through dreams brain tryís to clear the garbage of every day life to bring back an equilibrium state of mind. Since dreams occur only during the time one is asleep so, sleep is important as it allows body to recover and helps it in building up a stimulus.

Dreams are formed when our neurons are relaxed and complacent. When these neurons enter hibernation they release the ideas, which form the content of dreams. However if these ideas are not brought out then they cause conflicts, such as schizophrenia. There are two kinds of stimuli by which dreams are affected. These are Positive stimuli and Negative Stimuli. So If one leads a very positive life and all his psychological needs are being taken care of then his dreams are going to be very positive in nature whereas negative stimuli causes nightmares which are a result of personal insecurities.

Positive dreams generate additional stimulus appreciating the emotions because of which the dream originate. Because of the appreciation of such emotions and their fulfillment in dreams the dreamer actually gets the feeling of fulfillment and so it further helps in adding to his positive attitude towards life.

But what happens when nothing emotional is stimulated? In normal cases, if nothing emotional is enthused the neurons become peaceful and dreams are almost instantly forgotten.

While dreams reflect one does an individual it can be used, reversibly, to enhance the process of self-development in an individual, lead state of mind and the kind of life style. Through dreams analysis ones repressed psychological desires can be known and efforts can be directed towards their fulfillment. This fulfillment will then lead to positive stimulation. Positive stimulation will thus lead to a positive thinking and so maintaining a positive attitude towards life. A positive thinking in turn would encourage in achieving ones goals and desires which earlier could not be accomplished due to fear and anxiety. So to say dreams are ones way to self-development, cannot make a wrong statement altogether. Learn to catch the slips of your mindís tongue. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 9:18:10 PM