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The images encountered in dreams can sometimes be confusing, and many dreams seem to defy logical explanations. One reason this is so is that dreams tend to often use symbolic language to tell their story, and the stories told by the unconscious mind can be quite different from those experienced during waking hours. It is helpful to understand some common interpretations of some of the most frequently encountered dream symbols.

Dreaming of arms, or of being enveloped, can represent an unconscious desire to live your desires. This kind of dream often represents a type of wish fulfillment. If you dream of your arms being tied or otherwise obstructed, you may be feeling "tied down" or restricted in your waking life.

Many people assume that dreaming about the boss is due to anxieties about their job, but more often the boss in your dream represents a different authority figure in your life. In some cases, the boss may represent part of your own psyche that is controlling other parts.

Cats in a dream can have many different meanings, depending on their context within the dream and on the individual dreamer. Some common interpretations of cats include representations of intuition, magic, femininity and sexuality. The dreamer's personal feelings about cats are a key part of discovering their meaning in the dream world.

Death and drying
Many people think that dreams about the death of themselves or a loved one are prophecies, but that is rarely if ever true. Dreams about death or dying are often manifestations of other fears and anxieties.

Dreams about eating are most commonly metaphors for needing intellectual or emotional nourishment, not physical nourishment. As always, the context of eating in the dream will provide important clues to its meaning.

Dreaming about fire often symbolizes passion or sexuality. Carl Jung felt that fire was a symbol of transformation.

Dreaming about a blooming garden may symbolize the growth of the soul, whereas a dream about a weed infested or dead garden may indicate that the dreamer is seeking additional spiritual nourishment.

Hands can be either a positive or a negative symbol, depending on their place within the dream and the context in which they appear. The appearance of clasped hands can symbolize agreement or unity. A dream featuring washing hands can indicate that the dreamer has unresolved issues that must be addressed in the waking world.

Dreaming about being at work can indicate a feeling of being overworked, or of being overwhelmed by career issues. It can also be a sign that you need to be more productive at work.

A lock in your dream may represent the dreamer's inability to obtain what he or she needs. It can also be an indication that something is locked up inside, things like emotions, talent or memory.

Dreaming about a nurse can indicate an unresolved need to be taken care of.

Dreams about oceans or other large bodies of water are often representations of the subconscious. The state of the water in the dream is indicative of the dreamer's emotional state. Therefore, dreaming of calm seas can indicate a quiet emotional life, while dreams of high tides and tidal waves can indicate emotional disturbance.

The interpretation of this symbol depends on its context. A purse can represent a place to keep secret possessions safe, but losing your purse in a dream can indicate that you fear the loss of your power or possessions.

Dreams of school or classrooms can represent learning experiences in the dreamer's waking life. Classroom dreams can also indicate that spiritual learning is taking place. In addition, school or classroom dreams can indicate a yearning for the simpler life that childhood represents.

Sigmund Freud viewed trains as phallic symbols and this interpretation is sometimes valid. Dreaming about missing a train may mean you feel you have missed an important opportunity in your waking life, while dreaming of being a conductor can mean you feel you are in control of your life

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