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Some of the darker dreams that we are subject to in life we train ourselves to forget about them and disregard them as well. We do not want to see the information behind these dreams and are always trying to suppress the truth that may be held in the dreams. In order to develop as a person we have to start to provide ourselves with all the information that we have available. This means we have to use these dreams to our benefit towards resolving the issues associated with the dreams.

These types of dreams have been classified and are termed fewer than four major headings. One of the most common is the anxiety dream. This is a dream where we release all the pent up insecurities and anxieties that we have in our dreams at night. This occurs especially when our mind is clouded by concern and worry in the days and as such it will manifest even when we are asleep. The mind will keep thinking about the issue at hand and the worry and this will appear in our dreams.

Another aspect of dreaming that we all run from is nightmares. These are a more severe version of anxiety dreams and these are apparent when we are deeply troubled. They are often quite scary and involve fearful events and sometimes ghosts and danger as well. They can actually represent a real cause of fear in your present or even in your past and repressed life. This stress may be one that is emotional or even physical but is often manifested in dreams.

Another type of dream is the recurring dream. This is not the simple nightmare that you have one night and never comes back. This is a dream that is continued; as you are not getting the sublime messages that it is trying to transmit to you. These dreams are trying to get your notice and attention and are asking you to make a change in your life. We are often not aware enough of what dreams are trying to tell us and we are oblivious to the hidden messages. In order to free our lives and to develop personally dealing with these dreams is of paramount importance. A recurring dream will only stop when we have dealt with the problem and are able to move past it as well. These dreams are a reflection of our day life and one does affect the other even though we may not think so.

Warning dreams are another classification and these range from accidents to any other incidents. These may be good or bad but are classified with the dreams that we do not want to get many times or even with the dreams that we do not believe affect us in any form or fashion. We may not get a literal dream of events but often the dreams we have can be signs symbolically of things that are going to happen in our lives as well as key signs that will occur. A warning dream may not spell it out for you but you have to pay attention to the dream and then you may benefit from the insight into your own life.

We have to learn to be more opening minded in life and to approach our lives with a better head on our shoulders and then we will be able to benefit from our dreams rather than run from them in fear.

No one wants nightmares but at the end of the day they can symbolize mire serious problems that have to be handled in life and we must be open to this.

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