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Dreaming is innate within us. It has been an existing part of our being. Since we were born or even when we were still at the comforts of our mother’s womb, we already encountered dreams. Babies may not express or tell us what they have dreamt but researches reveal that by the movement of the eyes, more popularly known as the Rapid Eye Movement or R.A.M. which is an involuntary reflex of the eye muscles is believed to have correlation with dreaming.

Dreams have significant effects in our lives. It may have a slight impact or an immense effect to individuals depending on the accepted wisdom of the person on dreams. Because, one may regard dreams as prophecy of what lies ahead, or another just acquire the emotional build up that dreaming brings and finds no significant meaning to it at all. Others experience dreams that haunts them from their childhood to their adulthood. Others learn to deal with it and find scientific reasons why they dream.

There are certain studies that focus on dreams. But we should understand that there is power in it and since we cannot eliminate dreaming we might as well use them to our advantage, use them for our personal development. Dreams are like mirrors, they are reflections of our subliminal thoughts or our undisclosed feelings. Dreams may be in a way or another bad or good. Bad dreams give the feeling of fear, exhaustion, stress and anxiety while good dreams give the feeling of joy, happiness, and motivation.

We should understand that dreams, as mentioned, are reflections of our inner selves and dreams can empower us. Most often when we dream we cannot remember vividly the details, but still we remember its foremost substance. This is the first step to understand your dream – to remember. Second, try to analyze what the main subject of your dream is and its relevance in your daily life or aspiration or your experiences. For example, when you dream that you are flying or soaring above the clouds, you may have recently traveled, or you may have plans of traveling abroad, or you might have wanted to ride a hot air balloon, or you may have aspired to excel in sports, in your career or in other things that you may have wished for.

In this case, how will you make your dreams your reality and use it to your personal development? To answer the question - the third guide is to learn to assimilate your dream and the possible reason why you had that dream. In the instant case, if you dreamt of flying and you have associated it with your ambition to excel in your career, then there is already a common factor that should cause you to take action. It means that you should exert effort to stand out in the office to achieve your goal - come early, attend trainings and seminars and likewise avail of the opportunity to be one of the sought after personnel of the company because you have the right abilities and skills.

Another example is when you had a bad dream of drowning; try to find out what experiences you had to have caused that dream.

You may have drowned when you were a kid, or your loved ones are overly protecting you, or you might have the apprehension of joining an activity because you are not prepared for it. This subconscious manifestation of your fears or experiences can be transformed positively if you only learn how to overcome the problems that surrounds you or is concealed in you.

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