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In case you are unaware of what exploratory dream work is, it is what takes the time to invite both the dreamer as well as the helpers so that they are able to remain in what can be found as a receptive as well as questioning mode until they are actually able to hear the actual voice of their very own soul, which is at the point and time when they are able to clearly experience what is known as the actual direct perception that is associated with their very individual felt sense of truth. It is known that exploratory dream work also includes what is known as an intellectual quest and it also requests what is known as a connection that is intuitive that is placed among the ego and the actual soul which is known to begin to unveil layer upon layer of the insights that are felt directly.

Because of this you will find that it is often helpful to study the symbols of your dreams as well as asking questions in relationship to your dreams, it is also helpful to enter the dream again and also collect association and actually get a sense of the emotions as well as the body responses that are part of the dream. You should take the time to listen to the memories that are actually be reawakened and also research the story line that is associated with the dream so that you are able to fool around with the actual words as well as the imagines and so that you are able to research the concepts as well as the word histories. You will also be able to understand the typos and the puns as well as the breaks in the sentences and you will also be able to actively wonder what each symbol means in what is known as a receptive as well as curious manner until you are finally able to reach the multiple layers that are associated with the truth that is known to naturally come out from within.

When you think about dreams it can very much be an English lesson because you are trying to interpret the actual meaning of the dream and in order to do so you have to be able to break down all of the information about the dream itself. Once you are able to understand what the dreams is trying to tell you or show you, you will be able to take that dream and put it into prospective so that you are able to development into a better and stronger person. Dreams are your foundation and upon the foundation on which you build yourself, you will be able to constantly add to it until you are able to clearly and truthfully understand what your dreams portray to you. It can be said that in your dreams you are able to meet your self and that in your dreams you are able to practice being yourself as well. You should take the time to marinate your dreams in what is known as curiosity so that they are able to become a megaphone for the voice that you have within your body.

I am sure that you have heard before that you go to bed thinking about one thing and that is the one thing that you dream about as well.

Whatever you have on your mind when you go to bed, your body takes that information and enters it into a dream in which it uses the information to portray your true inner thoughts about that particular situation in hopes that you will be able to form a decision based on that dream. Consider RAM when you try to understand your dreams.

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