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Izing A Dream

The sensations what we experience in our sleep are known as dreams. Dreams are not only subjected to human beings but even other living beings also dream. Dreams are unintentional and are not genuine. When the person is aware of the kinds he or she has are known are lucid dreams. Stress is the prime factor, which is responsible, which hinders the ability of the individual to remember his dreams.

Dreams are of various sorts and include day dreaming, nightmares, angst and presentiments. When the person encounters the feeling of fret in the dream, it is the root of nervousness. If the person has to perform on stage, the night before it is probable that the person dreams that he or she had broken down on the stage or was blank and in some cases one may dream that the performance was hit and there was a huge applaud. The vital reason for encountering such a dream is due to apprehension and hassle.

Day dreaming is when person is awake but he has left his mind to waver in all directions and there is a liberated stream of thought of all kinds, optimistic or pessimistic. Day dreams are generally optimistic and take the dreamer into a fantasy world so as to enable the individual make an escape from the harsh reality. When a person dreams about something, which can create panic in the personage, is generally termed as horrendous dream or a nightmare.

Dreams are not just the silent manifestations of the unconscious mind of the personage it is the elucidation of our ambitions and endeavors. The foremost and the biggest dream of every individual is to become an unbeaten, Richi-rich, a prominent personality and earn lot of fame in the society. And for the realization of this dream one must strive hard to achieve his ambition. For the successful realization of the dream of the individual it is prerequisite to interpret and understand your dreams, which are actually realizing your true and inner self. To be successful and thrive it is necessary that the work towards the achievement of your dreams by strengthening your strengths and weakening your weaknesses. An individual must work towards the development of self by the means of dreams. For better development of self it is prerequisite that an individual dreams big, and for its realization practice self control, self discipline and make your mind a dwelling for only the optimistic thoughts. Dreams have the positive effect on the mindset of the individual as they make you work harder.

Dreams are the connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind of the individual. Dreams are the best way of dealing through all the mental ailments and emotional imbalances of an individual. Dreaming helps in making the individual come face to face with his repressed emotions, desires and feelings. Sudden mood swings are even the result of disparity between the conscious and the unconscious mind of the individual.

Dreams help in developing the self of the individual as for making dreams come true an individual has to strive hard and exercise lot of self control so as to not deviate from the right path. Dreams can be positive as well as negative. It depends upon the individual which course his or her wills is ready to follow.

As the negative side of life initially looks rosy and is taken as bliss, but for the true self to develop it is necessary to develop self control, which will ultimately help you come face to face with your dreams. Dreams help an individual reach the unity between the higher self and real self of the person. Understand your dreams that link between hidden and real self.