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Izing A Dream

Dreams are a way of establishing a link between our body, soul and mind. It communicates with us in the disguise of various symbols. When we are awake our conscious mind is working all the time. That is to say that we are aware of everything happening around us. Though our unconscious mind is also working, it observes everything and derives meaning from it but we do not realize it. However in our state of sleep, this conscious mind is subsided by our unconscious mind that takes full charge over us. It suspends our rational self. This unconscious mind displays in our dream many things that it has observed throughout the day or sometimes it bind together small pieces of information and predict our future. It also sometimes warns a person about the health problem that lies in future for them. There are also some dreams that are a result of our fears, worries and apprehensions. These are termed as nightmares. Last but not the least is the day dreams. These dreams take us into the fantasy world, away from the harsh realities of life and make us feel more relaxed thereby.

The importance of dreams can be understood by studying how it contributes in healing ourselves. Dr. Jung gave the concept for this relation between the two. It says that a person can analyze his or her dreams and this will help the person in knowing his own strengths and weaknesses. He or she can recognize their hidden fears by way of their dreams. This will help him or her in knowing their true self and ways by which he can solve his problems and overcoming their fears. Dreams help us in expressing our repressed desires. As our repressed desires get an outlet, the person by itself feels good and it thus aids in overall personality development of the person. This helps to get rid of impurities or the negative thoughts in our mind and instead replace it with more positive thoughts. Thus, it gives an optimistic attitude to life. So, the utmost way of knowing our inner self is through our dreams.

To bring out the best in oneself and bring out his talent, an individual needs to dream of higher aims in life. This will motivate him to work hard and give his best for the task. The key to a victorious life lies in realizing our own mistakes, talent, and to develop an understanding to deal with the ways of life. And ultimately it is our dreams that make us realize all these things. However, one should be cautious that in dreaming high he should not hurt anyone. For example a person may dream to become rich in a short period, but in doing so if he takes to the ways of theft, robbery, kidnapping or any other negative ways, then he may succeed in achieving our tasks but this will surely put a question on his personality development.

The main aspects for a good personality can be categorized into four categories physical, psychological, social and philosophical. Our dreams deal with all these aspects and equally affect them. After a bad sleep, we may feel tired and unable to carry out our tasks well. This will leave us feeling dejected and unsatisfied from life, which further leads to anxiety, influences our attitude, a feeling frustration and irritation within us. So, as we are not able to achieve a calm and relaxed mind, it will put a stop to our development as a whole.

Hence, living and enjoying a stress free life, one has to analyze his power of dreams and work in the direction of fulfilling them. Develop your personality by understanding your dreams.