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Izing Dreams, Drowning


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Inside your brain is a private chamber where experiences are stored. In this area you have a sectional unit, called the subjective and subconscious mind. Today this area is known more as the subliminal mind.

By exploring this area of your brain you will find answers to questions, but you will also find it easier to explore your dreams. Your dreams usually develop from previous experience in your life.

We have mental processes that continue to move in the subliminal mind, yet most of the information in this chamber is hidden. Thus, we must explore this area of our brain to understand our dreams and then use them for personal and emotional development.

Our subliminal mind is a major influence in our life. This area of our brain affects our personal life and triggers our emotional responses.

Every thought we have and action we take constantly rests below our unconscious mind, which the mental processes continue to send signals, which many people fail to understand. This is because they do not have a complete understanding of how this area of the mind works. Nor do most people have the knowledge of how this area of the brain can benefit them dramatically if only they explore.

We have the power within us to direct our mental influencing mind and then use it to our ability to understand our dreams.

Our subconscious mind, or subliminal mind is also known as our “Pandora Box.” In this box we have many secrets that we are not aware of. Despite that we are not aware of these messages, we have the control to study and learn because everything in our Pandora is linked to our experiences of the past.

Thus, what we learned and experienced is resting somewhere in your Pandora Box and it takes you to find it. In addition, each dream you develop in your mental processes is linked to your experiences and knowledge. Some of this information is misrepresented only because we live in a world full of misconceptions, which we also store in our subliminal or Pandora mind.

In the Pandora mind some ancient philosophers believe that if we unveil this chamber of our mind it will allow evils to escape our mind and into our world. The fact is if we fail to explore this area of the mind, thus we not only live in confusion we also find it hard to reach the goals we set. In fact, we will fail to set practical goals because we have not established our direction. Thus, we must release the evil forces to take control of our life and understand our dreams. We do this by removing doubts, fear, confusion, guilt, hate, racism, or any other negative forces that we possess mentally from past learning and experiences.

We must find truth in short to take control of our life. To get started however you must venture into your subliminal mind and unveil what is held in our Pandora Box, only then can we start to understand our dreams.

You have a few options with getting started in subliminal exploring to understand your dreams. You can write down your dreams, meditate to understand your dreams, practice yoga, or learn the processes of subliminal learning.

If you are not versed on the subject subliminal learning take a tour on the Internet where you will find a broad spectrum of articles on the subject subliminal learning. In the meantime, think of meditation.

To go inside the subliminal mind through meditation you must be willing to allow all your thoughts to go freely. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts hurt or not, you must be willing to explore them to remove any obstacles, or evils from your mind that will hinder you from effectively engaging in subliminal learning.

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