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Izing Dreams Symbols


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izing dreams symbols

The images and resonance that we experience during the slumber is termed as dreams. The dreams cannot be controlled and understood easily. It happens sometimes that we are able to remember the dream we saw last night and sometimes it is forgotten when we get up next morning. Dream experiences by a person are of various types, which include premonitions, anxiety, daydreams and nightmare.

When tensions and apprehension surrounds, a person is full of anxiety. For instance, a student who has to undertake an exam, he would dream that he has failed miserably. Such dreams are due to the pressure and anxiety that surrounds him. When the mind is allowed to flow in a course freely, it is categorized as daydreaming. A personage experiences daydreaming when a desire inculcates in him to free him from the monotony of the daily routine. On the contrary, the nightmares are the dreams that are filled with horror and disgust.

Dreams cannot only be interpreted as the experience that a person comes across during the sleep. But dreams can also be considered as way of interpreting our aims and aspirations. Each and every individual has an aim to enhance and prosper in life. For growth and prosperity it is essential for a personage to have definite aims and targets in life. For achieving those goals it is important to apprehend them at appropriate time. At times, it is seen it becomes too late to work upon their dreams. Hence, the aspirations are left unfulfilled and the person becomes aggravated and disappointed from their lives.
It becomes extremely essential to comprehend the dreams and work hard towards achieving the goals and aspirations, which will ensure success and prosperity. The initiations of these actions begin in the mind of a personage. Regular interaction with the inner self makes an individual realize the limitations and the strengths. By acknowledging our weaknesses and the strengths, we can capitalize on the strengths and minimize our weaknesses as it hinders our growth and development of self. The dreams apprehended by us are kind of mouthpiece of what we believe and want from life. The spiritual growth of a person can be realized through our dreams. They aid in acknowledging the truth and wisdom in life of a person. The dreaming process helps to gain totality.

A dream serves as a link between conscious and unconscious of an entity. The psychologist Freud interpreted the dream as the repressed and hidden facet of the personality. Often the dreams pressurize a person to realize the suppressed dreams within the self. But, Jung advocated that dreams are a reflection of those aspects, which a personage is not able to realize in the reality. Thus, these theories help in the development and the growth of the self.

Psychologists and psychiatrists also analyze the personage’s dream in order to detect the ailment from which he is suffering.

Sometimes, a person is unable to realize his dreams; the best possible cure for such problem is to indulge in meditation, yoga, and naturopathy, proper and balanced diet among the several others. These are natural process of rejuvenating and gaining refreshment.

These methods help an entity to retain the tranquility and serenity of mind. It increases concentration and pampers an organism to think positively and optimistically, which will ensure enhancement and the growth of self. Self-control is equally necessary, to realize the dreams. As without self-control a person will waver from his path that will ruin and destroy his goals and dreams.

By realizing your dreams, a person will see the transformation in the self. This change will promote the growth and the development of the self. Understand your dreams by getting on the path to self-discovery.

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