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Yzing Dreams Losing Teeth

yzing dreams  losing teeth

Do you remember your dreams? If you think you do not dream every night, think again. More of us dream four to six different dreams each night, it just so happens that the moment we wake up, we forget about them especially after a very deep sleep. You might remember some bits and pieces but mostly it would be like water trying to sift through your fingertips. That is really such a shame since people could learn a lot from their dreams, not just lessons to put to the test but also learn about what they really feel.

Dreams often reflect a personís psyche at one time. Even if you yourself do not recognize your own emotions, they would be vividly reflected in your dreams because dreams never lie. For example, denial is part of the five stages of grief. During this phase, people cast off their emotions because feeling despair is like admitting that what had transpired is real. They put their real feelings at the back of their brains and try to convince themselves that it was all a lie. But their dreams will reflect these hidden emotions and project them.

Dreams are so powerful that it is actually advisable for people to interpret their meanings. But how will you interpret dreams if you cannot even remember them? The most important thing about dream interpretation then is to remember your dreams. Here are some tips so you can recall your nighttime adventures. First, you have to be determined to remember your dream. You have to convince yourself that you will remember them and never falter. As you lie down before you fall asleep, close your eyes and repeat to yourself that you want to remember your dream. It is also important that you get enough sleep the day you decide to remember your dreams. Do it in the weekends when there is no work or school to think of. You should free yourself from worries and leave them all outside your bedroom. Loosen up before you go to sleep, maybe you can take an aroma-therapeutic bath. It is best to decide to remember your dreams after an especially relaxing day.

Place pen and paper beside your bed, It is necessary that writing materials are somewhere within your reach when you first wake up. If it is possible get a notebook so you can create your own dream journal. Keep an alarm device close to your bed. You can wake yourself up every hour and a half or so and write on your journal if you want. Remove anything, which can distract you when you first wake up so you can focus on your dreams when you first open your eyes. If you sleep with the lights off, make sure you have a lamp near your bed so you have a light source when you wake up in the middle of the night to write your dreams. One technique to help you remember your dream is image envisioning. When you lie on your back and close your eyes, imagine a black screen. When you have imagined this black screen in your mindís eyes, slowly form a shape, any shape Ė circle, triangle, rectangle, square, etc. Fill this shape in with color and focus on it as you go asleep. You will find that you will remember much more of your dreams when you do this.

Use words to create a list and pull your dreams together so that it begins to make sense. You will find it easier by doing so.