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Yzing Dreams Of Pregnancy


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yzing dreams of pregnancy

Sigmund Freud was a well-known philosopher who gave the ‘theory of dreams.’ He was of the conviction that dreams basically play the role of the custodian of sleep. When we try to sleep, we prefer a dark place with no light penetrating in the room and no noise pollution. This is actually the way we try to dissociate with realities of the external world. So, the mind acts as a guard of the inner self from the distractions prevailing in the conscious world.

According to him, when a person sleeps unperturbed by the thoughts of his everyday life, our repressed desires that were left unfulfilled come into our dreams. In a disguised form they appear from our unconscious mind, which is a store house of these desires. These desires are repressed when they do not fit well into the norms of behavior determined by the society. The repressed desires are disguised because it may be possible that if confronted directly, it may startle the person who is dreaming and abandons him from having a sound sleep.

This refers to the concept that establishes a link between the dreams as an understanding of our own inner self. Every individual has his own dreams that are a combination of his experience, reality and spirit. The interpretation of our dreams is a way of exploring our true self. These are a way to alter ourselves as the dreams sometimes make us realize our mistakes and also suggest their solution.

It has been observed that people who are unable to enter into their dream world show signs of unease and bad temper. Some other symptoms presented by them are confusion, feeling of dejection, irritable, and short-tempered.

There are various types of dreams – recurring dreams are the dreams that we see quite often. These may be positive or negative depending on an individual. They may reoccur because of the certain disagreements that are going on in our minds, which we are unable to solve. Once we get the solution to the problem these will not occur again.

The healing dreams are the ones that give an indication to the people in relation to their health. It is believed by many philosophers that dream can aid us in preventing various health problems and further helps us in healing them. This is a way of communicating with our body, so it tells us our actual condition even before we get any substantial clue.

Another type of dreams is what is known as psychic dreams. These usually attempt to put up bits of things that we have experienced and observed in our daily lives. By this method, they predict about what lies in store for us.

Then we have epic dreams, which generally succeed in compelling a person so much that he or she won’t be able to overlook them. These dreams sometimes remain stored in the person’s mind for years.

They have a sense of symbolism hidden in them. In some cases, they leave such an impact on the person’s mind that it leads to a drastic change in the overall personality of the person. Such dreams can also change the perspective of a person to a great extent.

Thus, different types of dream influence the mind of a person in diverse ways. It all depends on the person how he or she deciphers or comprehends the hidden meanings lying under it. Hence, every individual has the power to turn his or her dreams into reality if seen in a positive and selfless light. The dreams are strength and the path to show us the way to reach our goals. Therefore, start dreaming to achieve more in your life. Understand your dreams to shape your personality. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 8:51:58 PM