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Yzing Dreams Of Pregnancy

yzing dreams of pregnancy

There are many people that can recall, with stunning clarity, vivid details of their dreams, allowing them to interpret signs and symbols that may have encountered in their subconscious through these, and use them to improve themselves and become better persons. Many people however, takes these abilities one step further – they are able to actually control the aspects of their dreams and shape them according to what they want to do. This process is called lucid dreaming.

The skill of lucid dreaming is more beneficial than most people realize. Because you have absolute control and freedom over what happens in your dreams, any laws no longer bind you. You can choose to fly or jump from one building to another, or lift a car and breathe underwater. This is a way for people to explore the extents of their imagination, and perhaps find a place where they would not necessarily need to pay for the consequences of their actions. On a personal level, it also enables people to try out situations they may want to experience, or try out different behaviours and attitudes, to determine paths or decisions they may have to wake in their own lives.

Lucid dreaming also plays a key role in preventing nightmares from happening. Even if you aren’t in complete control of the dream, the fact that you are aware that you have been dreaming puts you at a distinct advantage. In these dreams where you have some control or level of awareness, you are able to face up to your worst fears and nightmares at your own terms. This can produce the psychological effect of being able to gain the courage to defeat your fears when you wake as well.

It has also been proven that the brain is at its most creative and at its busiest between dreaming and waking, but many people are able to consciously harness this period. With a good command of the lucid dreaming skill, people are able to develop creative thinking and problem solving skills in this manner. Being able to do so is easily one of the more difficult abilities that can be mastered with lucid dreaming, but constant practice and a lot of practice will help a lot.

Also, there are many different types of dreams. Digestive dreams deal with situations that happen to people in their waking experience – problems or incidents at work, at home, or in their personal lives. Lucid dreaming in this area is more concerned with learning to develop the right values and attitudes to deal with any problems that may arise during these situations. Different scenarios can be played out, allowing the dreamer to take the best course of action among all the possible alternatives, and apply it when they wake. Creative dreams, on the other hand, deal with original thoughts, insights and personal reflections that most people may actually forget upon waking. By successfully controlling these types of dreams, one is able to retrieve all the relevant information provided for, and retains it upon waking. Many famous people and artists have credited creative dreams for important literary or artistic works, such as poetry or song lyrics.

Anxiety dreams include nightmares, or dreams that concentrate on any particular problem or worry you have in your life at that point. By being able to deal with these problems with total freedom of control, you are able to psychologically triumph over these worries in your dreams, giving you the energy and drive to do the same in the waking world. Lucid dreaming not only allows you to assume full control of the world inside your mind and modify it to your own devising; it also allows you to understand events and problems that you have in your life, and construct the best methods in order to overcome them. Write down your dreams.