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Yzing Dreams Of Pregnancy

yzing dreams of pregnancy

Dreams are often taken for granted. As soon as you wake up, it fades away like the morning mist. Try as you might, you cannot seem to recall them afterwards. Most people know that dreaming is a sign that you have had true sleep, but it can be so much more than that. Dreams can be a source of insight into your innermost thoughts and feelings, your subconscious self, which has a most profound impact in your daily life. It would be logical to want to know what these dreams are because self-knowledge leads to better personhood. Here is a guide to understand your dreams and use them for personal development in relationships.

Dreams are the product of your life experiences, both happy and sad ones, and the unrealized aspirations that many of us are not aware of. They often seem bizarre, and you think to yourself, “That was weird.” But if you look closely enough, many dreams have an impact on how you react and manage relationships. A common dream is that of flying. There are many interpretations for these. One is the yearning for freedom. Flying symbolizes the control of your life and the direction it is taking. The easier you can fly the more in control you are over your life.

If the flying is difficult and you are having trouble staying in the air, this could be interpreted as being hindered at reaching your goal, or of being stifled and hedged in by a situation. You lack the ability to take charge and you cannot generate personal space in which to express yourself, your interests and your ambitions. This is most common with heads of families, when the pressures of providing for the family, partner or children can lead to some blighted ambitions. Perhaps the responsibilities prevent you from going on that trip or in pursuing a special interest. The desire to “fly away” is expressed in your dreams.

If this is the situation you are in, the most constructive way to turn it into your benefit is to discover just what aspect of your life, which makes you feel fettered. Is it your job? Are you in a rut? Maybe you do not like your boss. This might be a good time to examine your options in the employment arena. If it is not your job but a combination of things, you have to pinpoint exactly what these are. If in your dream you have the feeling of flying too high, it may mean that you have a fear of taking on challenges, such as a promotion, or making a commitment to another person. Analyze what currently in your life has been giving you this fear, and break it down into manageable chunks to discover in what way you feel inadequate for the task and situation. Once you identify the specifics, then you will have a better idea of how to handle it. Trying to tackle it without knowing which part represents a problem for you will hinder your self-development in this area.

Because humans cannot fly, dreaming about flying may be a way of expressing the need to break out the barriers that surround you. Or it may be an expression of your feelings of omnipotence.

You believe in your dreams that you are on top of the world. If this is the case, then embrace this feeling and let it color the rest of you life, especially in areas of your life in which you have previously had no feeling of control. Allowing yourself to feel in control will let you be in control. What are the importance of dreams?