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A Drug For Cholesterol Like Resterol

Prograf Medication is a brand name of medication which is also known as tacrolimus. Prograf medication is used to prevent your body fighting against transplant organs.

What is prograf medication?

Prograf medication is a drug which reduces the effectiveness of your body's immune system. Normally we want a strong healthy immune system to combat infections. However it can occasionally be of benefit to weaken the immune system.

Our immune system fights against anything foreign in the body and kills it. This is how a virus is killed, your immune system will identify it as a foreign body and attack it. However if you have a transplant organ, that organ is foreign. Your body will automatically fight against the organ, which isn't something that you want.

Your body will see any transplanted organ as an outsider and attack it. Prograf medication weakens the immune system, and so makes it more likely the transplant will work.

Prograf medication is commonly used in conjunction with a number of other medicines to prevent your body from rejecting a transplanted organ, including:
- heart
- liver
- kidney

There are also other uses for prograf, however these can only be discussed with your doctor.

It is thought that by using prograf medication your risk of developing cancer will be increased. Particularly skin cancer is more of a risk. The biggest risk is where someone is treated with prograf medication over a long period of time, as these weaken the immune system. You should discuss any such risks with your doctor before taking the medication.

If you go out in the sun try to keep covered up, and wear sunscreen. If possible avoid sunlight exposure all together.

There are a number of medications that you cannot take with prograf medication. You must make sure your doctor is aware of any of the other medications that you are currently taking. You should not take any new medications unless your doctor says it is ok, even over the counter medications.

When taking prograf medication you should not eat or drink grapefruit. Prograf medication can affect strongly with grapefruit juice.

Prograf medication can make it much easier for your body to bleed if you get ill. It will also make it much easier for you to catch illnesses from other people. Some people taking prograf medication for a transplanted kidney have gone on to develop diabetes, although there is no definite risk.

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