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A Drug For Cholesterol Like Resterol

Seldom do we come to think that one day we may need to surpress the immune system. In the fight with diseases and infections, all we want to do is strengthen the immune system. However, there may be cases when weakening the natural body defenses work to our benefit!

Prograf Information

If it weren't for drugs like Prograf, organ transplants would be a true nightmare. The first normal systemic reaction when the body comes into contact with a "foreign" body is to reject it - this is the case when a new liver or kidney is treated like an invader. In combination with other medication, Prograf is used to lower the immune function of the body for the period it takes the body to adjust to the new working conditions.

Since it is one of the strongest medications available nowadays, Prograf also brings great risks with its administration. We are actually talking about the danger of developing a form of cancer if Prograf is used for an excessive period of time. Individual risks always receive extreme attention from the part of the medical stuff, and the doctor will explain the pros and cons of the surgical operation as a whole.

During the treatment with Prograf avoid sun exposure as much as you can. In case you have to go in the sun, use a sunscreen with a minimum fifteen protection factor and wear protective clothes. The use of sunlamps or tanning beds is completely out of the question for the duration of the Prograf treatment and even afterwards until your immune function gets back to normal.

Prograf drug and food interactions

* Don't drink or eat any type of grapefruit products during the treatment with Prograf as you may increase the side effects.

* Since Prograf reduces the number of white cells that are responsible for infection control, you'll be a lot more exposed to various ailments. In case you bleed, the healing interval will be longer than usual.

* All the herbal or mineral supplements you may be taking, should be approved by the doctor during the Prograf treatment. This is a normal precaution measure since you don't know what kind of side effects any of them could trigger.

* Have regular blood tests in order to detect any possible health deterioration; a clear picture of your physical condition will enable the doctor to help you through.

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