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A Drug For Cholesterol Like Resterol

Prograf is a brand name of a drug known as tacrolimus. Prograf tacrolimus is used to treat patients who have had an organ transplant.

What is prograf tacrolimus?

When you have a transplant your immune system will start to fight against it, but why? Your immune system defends your body by attacking any foreign items, the transplanted organs are foreign and your body will see them as an invader.

Normally we want our immune system to be strong, however when you have an organ transplant you may want to weaken your immune system in order to accept the transplanted organ.

Prograf tacrolimus can be used for this purpose. Prograf tacrolimus weakens the immune system so that the body doesn't attack the organ.

Three types of transplant where prograf tacrolimus are useful include:
- heart
- kidney
- liver

Prograf tacrolimus is commonly used in combination with other drugs after a transplant in order to make sure the transplant holds.

There are also other uses for prograf tacrolimus which can be discussed with your doctor.

What does my doctor need to know before I take prograf tacrolimus?

Unfortunately doctors aren't mind readers, they will only be aware of what you tell them. It's very important that you tell your doctor everything about your medical life. Here are some important things to discuss:
- if you are allergic to castor oil
- if you suffer from kidney disease
- if you suffer from liver disease
- if you have high blood pressure (hypertension)

Any of these conditions may make prograf tacrolimus unsuitable for you, or it could simply mean that your dosage might need to be adjusted.

Prograf tacrolimus is thought to put you at more risk from developing cancer, especially developing skin cancer. If you are treated for long periods of time you are thought to be at a greater risk. You should bring this up with your doctor to work out your own risk.

You should not take prograf tacrolimus if you are also using one of the following drugs:
- Sandimmune
- Gengraf
- Neoral

Some of the people that have taken prograf tacrolimus have gone on to develop diabetes, there is no link that has been identified by scientists however it is thought to be more of a risk for people of Hispanic or African descendants.

It is thought that this medication is harmful to an unborn child, and so it is important not to take this if you become pregnant. If you do become pregnant you should tell your doctor as soon as possible.

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