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Presently the medical world is unable to find a viable and complete solution for patients who suffer from asthma. It neither fully knows what triggers it in a healthy individual nor how to cure it. The asthma drugs available are used merely for prevention and alleviation of asthma attacks.

Pulmicort Information

Like many other asthma treatments, Pulmicort relies on a steroidal substance as its main component; the long-term use of the medication prevents the release of substances that are responsible for the inflammation of the lungs.

The active ingredient in Pulmicort is budesonide, which may be found in other similar medications created for the prevention of an asthma attack. This treatment is efficient by taking the medication before the actual crisis stage and will not provide rapid-relief to sudden onsets of asthma.

In case of an asthma attack that is already in progress, Pulmicort will fail you. Therefore it is important to avoid exposing yourself to very powerful stimuli that normally trigger an allergic reaction leading to the inflammation of the airways.

During the administration of Pulmicort you may have to pay extra care to your health condition, avoiding contact with sick people since this drug usually weakens the immune system and you may not be strong enough to fight a serious ailment.

Pulmicort administration and special warnings

This medication is available as a Turbuhaler or a nebulizer as it has to send the active substances directly to the lungs

Pulmicort doses don't require shaking; you should also avoid blowing or exhaling in the unit. Always breathe out completely with your head away from the inhaler prior to usage.

In case you have to use the device with a nebulizer, you will need to shake it gently with circular hand moves. Pulmicort may expose you to thrush. In order to avoid it, rinse your mouth with water immediately after using the nebulizer and spit the water out.

Pulmicort Side Effects

Among the symptoms that require an immediate cessation of the administration we could mention allergic reactions of all forms.

Stop using Pulmicort if you suddenly have unexplained rashes on the skin or open sores.

Another serious reaction experienced by a very few users of Pulmicort consists of a worsening of the respiratory symptoms from which they suffer.

There are other normal side effects that disappear once the system gets used to Pulmicort: dry mouth, headaches, cough and hoarseness, unpleasantness or loss of taste or smell.
Such reactions are transitory, but you should inform the doctor if they are bothering you too much.

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