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A Drug For Cholesterol Like Resterol

Slow digestion could be a real problem for lots of people as it triggers unpleasant conditions such as gastro-esophageal reflux, hyper-acidity, stomach aches, or even intestinal ulcerations. Most people who suffer from slow digestion are predisposed to developing some form of stomach disease.

Reglan Information

A drug like Reglan is used for the regulation of the speed with which food passes through the digestive tract. Furthermore, this medication has a very good influence on the muscle that separates the stomach from the esophagus called the lower esophageal sphincter, tightening it and thus preventing the passage of acid stomach juices in the upper part of the tract.

Doctors prescribe Reglan for people whose digestion is impaired because of some other health condition they suffer from. It is also used in the case of diabetics who show episodes of prolonged stomach fullness accompanied by vomiting and heartburn. Reglan also helps prevent digestive symptoms associated with chemotherapy.

Reglan has shown great efficiency in helping with the intubation of patients who need special examinations of the stomach and intestines. Such an action is explained by the increased motility of the digestive tract that is usually impaired in some cases.

It goes without saying that people who suffer from various forms of bleeding in the stomach or intestines should not use Reglan at all. Furthermore, due to the fact that this medication could cause uncontrollable muscular twists and spasms, it is not recommended to patients who suffer from epilepsy or other form of seizures.

Reglan is usually administered in liquid form, either as syrup or solution, the only difference is that you will need a take differing amount of liquids to properly administer it. Generally Reglan is taken four times a day: half an hour before every meal with the fourth dosage to be taken at bedtime.

Reglan Side Effects

Some side effects cannot simply be predicted, and usually depend to the person's sensitivity to any given medication. Generally, there are some transitory reactions that should disappear within a few days after starting a treatment plan involving the use of this medication. These transitory reactions include:.

* nausea and diarrhea
* headaches
* fluid retention and bloating
* breast tenderness or swelling.

In case the symptoms fail to disappear after a short while, talk to your doctor as it may be necessary either adjust your dosage or to interrupt the medication.

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