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The hair adds to the beauty of women immensely. Experimenting with hair cuts can give a totally new and fresh look to them. Apart from cutting, just folding them in various ways like plaits, pony tail, bun or just simple open hair can lend a different look. However, due to various factors like pollution, weather conditions and unhealthy eating disorders can cause your hair to become thin and gradually women become bald. Also, excess of vitamin E or A, zinc deficiency, illness or disease or any medical treatment can damage your hair.

For women suffering from baldness, Profollica offers them an effective remedy. It is a blend of topical as well as oral treatment for treating hair loss. Taking Profollica regularly can aid women in recovering hair in a time-span of six months.


Profollica is made up of Nutritional Supplement, Shampoo and Activator Gel. The shampoo is used to gently and effectively emulsify the scalp. Since dryness is caused on a regular basis, it is advisable that to restore the texture and bounce of hair, use it daily. The nutritional Supplement consists of pills that provide nourishment to the hair. It consists of more than two dozen minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are essential for the good health of hair. The function of the gel is to rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Advantages of Profollica are,

1 It is natural and safe
2 Easy and simple to use
3 It is safe even for permed or colored hair
4 It requires no prescription
5 Has no negative effects

Ingredients used in Profollica

1 Gingko Biloba Extract
2 Panax Ginseng Root Extract
3 Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract
4 Kigelia Afrcana Extract
5 Salvia Sclarea Extract

Each of the ingredients has a specific function that makes your the hair healthy and beautiful. Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract eliminates bacteria and DTH from the scalp; Kigelia Afrcana Extract is used as it blocks enzymes and Gingko Biloba Extract enhances circulation in the scalp.


There are various sites from where you can buy Profollica. One kit of the bottle can cost you around $90 while two kits can cost you $170. You can order the kit through any means like online, fax, e-mail and telephone. The companies will deliver the good at your place but charge you an extra sum of money for shipping.

All you need to maintain a healthy mane is apply the product on a regular basis.

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