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Tenoretic is known to have positive results in the treatment of high blood pressure, leading to beneficial lowering of it.

Some details about the medicine:

Tenoretic is the combination of a two drugs combination prescribed for the treatment of hypertension: atenolol, a beta adrenergic blocking agent and chlorthalidone, a diuretic agent. Atenolol blocks the beta receptors in the heart, lungs other organs. By doing so it prevents the action of two chemicals called noradrenalin and adrenaline which are responsible for the body's reaction in stressful situations. In this way Tenoretic manages to reduce pressure at which blood is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body. The other ingredient present in Tenoretic, chlortalidone, is a thiazide diuretic which acts in the kidneys to move water from the blood into urine, decreasing the volume of fluid circulating through blood vessels.

You should know that Tenoretic, like other medicines has some warnings:

* It reduces the ability to drive and operate any machinery safely
* It masks the symptoms of low blood sugar such as nausea, tremor and increased heart rate
* It may produce confusion, abnormal heart rhythm, muscle cramps, lethargy, thirst, seizures, scanty produces of urine.
* Before beginning the treatment, certain blood test should be performed to check the level of potassium in the blood.
* If you should require local or general anesthesia you must inform your anesthetist you take Tenoretic

Do not use Tenoretic in:

* Hypotension, commonly called low blood pressure
* Increased acid levels in the blood
* Uncontrolled heart failure
* Pregnancy and breastfeeding
* Peripheral arterial disease
* Bradycardia (a rate of less than 50 heartbeats per minute)
* Inadequate blood supply to the circulatory system (cardiogenic shock)
* Or a history of serious heart block (cardiogenic shock)

Tenoretic is not recommended for the initial treatment of hypertension but the combination of two drugs in a convenient once-a-day dosage is proven to be very efficient in later stages of hypertension treatment.

The effects of this medication when combined with other drugs, if taken at the same time may be decreased, increased or alternated, so let your doctor know if you currently take, or have any plans to combine the drug with:

* Insulin
* Nasal decongestants
* Other blood pressure drugs
* Other medicines containing reserpine
* Lithium, Clonidine
* Epinephrine, Verapamil, etc.

Although the dosage is always individual, the usual starting dosage is one Tenorenic 50 tablet (or 100 tablet) taken one a day, for adults. For children the drug's effectiveness and safety has not been established yet.

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