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Muscular cramps may feel like the worse kind of pain you have ever experienced since they are difficult to cope with due largely to the fact that they affect both mobility and the performance of various activities. The best medication used under these circumstances is a muscle relaxant.

Robaxin Information

As a muscular relaxant, Robaxin blocks pain sensations and pain nervous impulses that are sent to the brain, so that physical comfort is achieved right away. Doctors often prescribe it to patients who suffer from muscle injuries following strenuous physical activities. People who conduct intense physical activities are more exposed to this type of muscle condition.

It is also common practice to use a drug like Robaxin in combination with other forms of physical and rest therapy that are meant to deal not only with painful muscular conditions, but with injuries too. One further Robaxin use is in the treatment of tetanus, but that totally depends on the doctor's discretion.

Due to the fact that Robaxin may cause drowsiness and dizziness, it is good to avoid all hazardous activities during the initial doses of Robaxin, it is recommended to wait for a day or two and check what kind of adverse reactions you are inclined to have, and whether you find yourself incapacitated in any way before resuming activities. A good way to help avoid such side effects is by avoiding alcoholic drinks for the entire duration of the treatment.

People who suffer from kidney or liver disease should be administered Robaxin with extreme caution and in a dosage established by the doctor. This is usually less than the normal amount of Robaxin a healthy person would take. Even so, you'll have to be kept under medical observation to make sure that there is no worsening of the kidney or liver function during the administration of Robaxin.

Robaxin Side Effects

* Besides drowsiness and dizziness triggered by this medication, which we have already mentioned, you may also be exposed to headaches and blurred vision.
* Changes in the color of the urine may look alarming but they're not. This medication could cause green, brown or even black urine. Don't worry, it's pretty normal!
* You could also experience a metallic taste in your mouth often associated with nausea. This should pass after the second dose of Robaxin.
* You'll have to seek immediate medical assistance in case you notice any allergic reaction to the medication: swelling, nose and tongue inflammation, hives or itching.

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