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The new hair-growth and hair regrowth system that works is ProFollica. ProFollica is a natural solution for stopping hair-loss. It offers a ground-breaking system that even begins hair re-growth. It is all natural because it uses the anti-DHT properties of extracts from several plants.

ProFollica system review

ProFollica is not a only a distinct product, in fact ProFollica is a system made of three products, each one having distinct elements that independently are small players in fighting the hair-loss problem, but together combine to form a powerful weapon. These products each have an essential role as it will be explained below:

- Shampoo. First step is using the shampoo for reducing the dehydration of the hair and scalp. ProFollica restores the hair texture if used daily, by producing velvety foam for gentle emulsifying.

- Activator Gel. Using this is product is the second step in following the treatment. ProFollica Activator Gel is a stimulator for hair growth and revitalization of hair follicles. The hair roots will generate thicker hair.

- ProFollica Nutritional Supplements are some natural pills filled with nutrients for the hair follicle and nutrients for increasing the blood circulation. The pills contain several minerals, vitamins, amino acids and proteins vital for the human hair.

How should these products be used? Well, first the hair should be cleaned gently using the shampoo for removing fat secretions between hairs and for reducing the DHT level. After shampooing, massaging the scalp with Activator Gel for several minutes is recommended. The Nutritional Supplements should be used on a daily basis as a support agent after using the first two products.

Impact of Ingredients

All ProFollica system components are made of essential ingredients researched by a team of experts to produce the targeted effects within 6 months. The shampoo, gel, and nutritional supplements have ingredients that were chosen on their ability to stop DHT, boost blood flow, and rejuvenate follicles and will produce visible effects even within the first few weeks after starting the use of ProFollica.

Compared to traditional and old methods for stopping hair loss and help hair-growth, a review on ProFollica system's ingredients show that this is a natural product. A number of ingredients block the DHT, while some other ingredients revitalize the hair follicles
- Beta Sitosterol - blocks the DHT
- He Shou Wo - blocks the DHT
- Pumpkin seed extract - blocks the DHT
- Gingko Biloba extract - stimulates microcirculation under scalp
- Salvia Sclarea extract - stimulator, attaches to DHT
- Panax Ginseng Root extract - stimulator for increasing the hair deepness
- Kigelia Africana extract - blocker for enzymes

Hair can be re-grown using ProFollica. The components within ProFollica work together in order to interact with hair follicles. Hair-growth requires removing the excess of sebum, reducing DHT levels from hair, and finally to revitalize the follicles using nutrients and by increasing the blood circulation.

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