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A number of ailments and diseases prevent the correct assimilation of calcium and lead to bone damage in the long run. The use of synthetic vitamin D, known as Rocaltrol, is of great help for people who suffer from abnormally low calcium blood levels.

Rocaltrol Information

Rocaltrol is a drug that comes to the rescue of people who suffer from health affections that prevent the normal body regulation of calcium levels in the blood such as having a kidney impairment that requires dialysis or hypoparthyroidism. Nevertheless, Rocaltrol has been successfully used in the treatment of some kidney diseases that affect the calcium blood level in individuals that don't require dialysis.

During the treatment with Rocaltrol it is normal that the doctor should prescribe you a special diet rich in calcium or some supplements to help you get control over this mineral. Special medical tests will be conducted periodically, since excessive calcium levels can also be harmful for your health. Therefore, it is good to take only the calcium containing supplements or medications that are recommended by your doctor.

Rocaltrol administration requires special care at maintaining a proper hydration level. As a result, make sure you drink enough liquid every day. Usually, Rocaltrol is prescribed in a single daily dose, which may be taken with or without food, preferably in the morning. You may have to avoid food and drinks that prevent calcium absorption in the blood including coffee, tea, fizzy drinks like cola, and anything else that may contain caffeine.

Side Effects

* During the treatment with Rocaltrol you may have to drop all other vitamin D supplements in order not to take a higher dosage than the one your body really needs.
* Rocaltrol may cause some adverse reactions for patients on dialysis who administrate antacids that contain magnesium such as Maalox. Avoid antacids as much as you can while taking Rocaltrol.
* The ideal calcium intake during Rocaltrol administration is 600 mg on a daily basis, which can be assimilated either from dairy products or mineral supplements.
* Diuretics, anti-depressive drugs and steroid medications should not be taken in combination with Rocaltrol due to the increased risk of developing side effects.
* Bone pain and constipation are among the most frequent side effects associated with Rocaltrol.
* Sleepiness, loss of appetite and metallic taste could also affect you during the first days of Rocaltrol administration.
* Should any of the side effects get worse, or should you experience some unusual reaction, contact the doctor immediately.

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