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Hepatitis is one of the worst liver conditions one may suffer from, given the number of viruses that may remain active in the organ, as well as the other possible degenerations of the disease. There is a whole range of drugs that alleviate the condition without actually curing it.

What to know about Rebetol

Rebetol is an anti-viral medication used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, which usually preserves an active virus in the system for the duration of a life time.

Doctors don't prescribe Rebetol unless used in association with a drug that contains interferon, since only through a combination therapy program are there chances of improvement for someone suffering from hepatitis C.

Special administration precautions are necessary in the case of Rebetol; this is a drug that cannot be used by pregnant women or by men that have sexual relations with a pregnant woman.

The unborn child may also be affected if a man following a Rebetol treatment successfully conceives with a woman. It is usually recommended to use birth control methods for at least six months following completion of Rebetol treatment.

Before starting Rebetol, you'll have to undergo a whole series of tests with your doctor to check whether you suffer from anemia or any other hemoglobin disorder since this medication is known to lower red cells count in the body.

What medical conditions prevent the use of Rebetol?

Rebetol should not be administered to people who suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease. The doctor will surely check blood pressure and inquire whether you had any heart attacks or heart disease at all.

Diabetes is another problem that may prevent the use of Rebetol, just like others form of liver or kidney disease.

In case you have been treated with interferon in the past and it didn't work well for you, you'll have to tell the doctor before taking Rebetol in order to prevent serious complications.

What adverse reactions to Rebetol may occur?

There are some side effects that will affect most of the Rebetol patients at the beginning of the treatment. They include:

* digestive symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss and vomiting
* headaches and dizziness
* mouth dryness
* sleep problems such as insomnia
* problems at the level of the central nervous system such as low ability to concentrate
* tiredness and irritability

Not all of these symptoms are likely to appear in a patient beyond the initial phase of undergoing a treatment with Rebetol. Usually some of these effects appear but only last for a few days.

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