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Male hair loss and prostrate problems are usually triggered by the transformation of common testosterone into dihydro-testosterone under the action of a naturally occurring enzyme. In order to keep such problems under control, men usually have to turn to special medications such as Proscar.

Proscar Information

Doctors usually prescribe Proscar for the benign prostatic hyperplasia or what is commonly known as enlarged prostate. Its direct action is at chemicals responsible for transformation of testosterone into a chemical harmful for the body.

Before taking Proscar you will have to inform your doctor of any liver disease from which you may suffer. Should that be the case, the dosage will be adjusted to suit your special condition.

Pregnant women should avoid any contact with Proscar; this is a male-only kind of drug, and the active chemicals in the composition of the medication may lead to defects in the unborn baby. Skin contact or inhalation of the powder resulted from a crushed Proscar pill are very dangerous for mothers-to-be.

Proscar administration does not depend on your meal times as it can be taken with or without food. However, make sure you take the pill with enough water so that it can dissolve right away when it gets in the stomach.

During the treatment with Proscar, the doctor may require some special tests to check prostrate-specific antigen; this is a blood test that is meant to detect any form of prostrate cancer in the earliest phase.

Proscar Side Effects

Side effects associated with Proscar are often pretty complex and affect a man's intimate life. They include:

* lower sex drive
* reduced ejaculation
* difficulties at maintaining erection
* breast tenderness or even enlargement

If you show any sign of allergic reaction to Proscar, contact the doctor right away. You can identify an allergic fit by the following signs: breathing difficulty, swelling of the tongue, lips or face, redness, and hives.

In terms of interactions with other drugs, Proscar raises very few problems. No side effects or interferences have been reported during parallel administration with other medication.

However, often adverse reactions depend on the patient's sensitivity and peculiarity in reaction to a specific treatment. Hence, it is very important that you inform the health care provider about any mineral or herbal supplements you may be taking.

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