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Drugs like Proventil come to the help of people who suffer from some form of obstruction of the airways due to muscular spasms. Since very often, such health problems are triggered by physical effort, Proventil eliminates the symptoms associated with it.

Proventil Information

There are all sorts of physical conditions that don't allow the use of Proventil. First of all, people with heart failures, heart disease, and hypertension should inform the doctor on their problem right away.

You should not take Proventil if you suffer from epilepsy or some other form of seizure disorder, not to mention that a hyperactive thyroid may also decrease the chances of your being prescribed Proventil.

It is quite common that before prescribing Proventil, the doctors should require some medical investigations to discover possible signs of diabetes that you may not even be aware of. Type II diabetes can often pass unnoticed for quite a long period of time.

There are cases when Proventil needs to be administered with precaution, and you may be prescribed a less concentrated dosage. Afterwards during the treatment, several tests will tell the doctor how you actually respond to the treatment and whether there are any side effects.

Proventil Administration Details

Given the fact that sometimes dosage varies from patient to patient, it is hard to set a rule for taking Proventil; however, we could mention some general guidelines that may help you.

This drug is usually found as inhaler or spray forms, and each of them requires a little care during the usage. For instance, before actually first using the Proventil inhaler, test it by spraying some of the substance in the air.

In order to avoid possible eye contact with Proventil, keep eyes closed while taking this medication

In case the doctor has prescribed two Proventil inhalations, you'll have to wait for one minute before the second dose. Don't forget to shake the recipient every time you use it.

Proventil Side Effects

You need to stop using the medication if you experience any of the following adverse reactions:

* an allergic symptom to Proventil, manifested by hives, face swelling and rashes
* chest problems like breathing difficulty or wheezing
* chest pain associated with palpitations and irregular heartbeat
* unusually high blood pressure.

There are a few other common side effects that don't require the cessation of the Proventil treatment; they include headaches, irritability, cough and runny nose, sleep problems like insomnia, and dry mouth or throat.

Usually such reactions are transitory and you should get used to Proventil in a few days, however, if you notice a worsening of your condition, stop the drug administration right away and contact the doctor.

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