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Ergonomic kneeling office chairs are becoming the rage in offices all over the world. Since people spend so much time in front of the computer in the technology intensive world, there is a growing need to keep a healthy environment for the workers, which is not achieved by the typical office chair that does not provide back support. Many workers will complain of aching backs, shoulders and necks after a day in the office and this is due to improper sitting position as well as improper lumbar support. In order to help with this problem, researchers and scientists have developed different types of ergonomic chairs, one of which is an ergonomic kneeling computer chair.

Types of Chairs

For a chair to be ergonomic, it must help individuals to maintain the natural curvature of the spine at all times without undue strain or pressure to it. In normal office chairs, the back muscles get tired that the person ends up slumping over at the desk which causes additional problems. When slumped over, the spine is compressed at certain points abnormally and is stretched uncomfortably at others so that the back becomes even sorer.

Ergonomic kneeling computer chairs are designed to keep the back in the natural S curve position so that there is not undue pressure and strain on it. The seats of these chairs are tipped forward so that the hips of the individuals are tipped forward, allowing the back to naturally be formed in the S curve. In addition, the legs are tucked neatly under the person, resting on a knee and shin cushion which allows the weight to be distributed between the buttocks and the shins in the ergonomic kneeling computer chair. This gives additional comfort to the individual so that the buttocks do not get as tired requiring the shifting of position.

Additionally, the ergonomic kneeling computer chair is adjustable in height so that the individual's arms are parallel to the floor when typing, thus reducing strain on the shoulders and better keeping the back in position. Some ergonomic kneeling computer chairs also have backs on them so that it is easier for the individuals to move around the office without feeling unbalanced on a kneeling chair with no back. These ergonomic kneeling computer chairs with backs also provide a way for users to change positions while still maintaining great support and back position working all day in the office. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 8:14:47 PM