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Homemade Fishing Lures
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How To Make Fishing Rods
How To Make Fly Fishing Lures
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How To Make Homemade Fish Lures

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How To Make A Homemade Fishing Lure


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The purpose of ebook is to educate and inform those who are devoted to the sport about its storied history. The bonus is A Treatise of Fishing with an Angle which reveals little known fly fishing secrets that will be of great interest and benefit to fly fishermen. This book was originally published in 1498 and is still considered the ultimate fly fishing reference.

Pros: This eleven chapter ebook traces the history of fly fishing beginning in the year 1496 in England and continues over a 450 year period up to and including present day fly fishing.

In 1923, John Waller Hills said, "I believe that there are many like you and I, whom the history of the sport attracts, who are fascinated by the devices of other days, and who are never weary of going back to the old writers, of reading them again, of getting at their real meaning and of seeing where they have anticipated us and on where we have improved on them." That is still true today. Fly fishermen share a bond of rich history and a love of the art and science of fly fishing.

Cons: would not appeal to those who were uninterested in the art and science of fly fishing.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee offered but there is no guarantee required for a digital product.

Value for money: The 11 chapters of this book are packed with information making it a terrific buy for those who fly fish or love someone who loves fly fishing.

Where to buy: http://www.historyofflyfishing.com/?hop=0

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