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How To Make A Homemade Fishing Lure

The is used for top waters, crank baits and finesse worm fishing.

Pros: It has been said that a fisherman who can feel more strikes and sense more vibrations catch more fish. When the arms become tired those sensations are lost. A light weight rod will improve reaction time and, thus, provide more catches.

The has a fast action and medium power. The handle is 7 inches long and has a soft foam butt cap for added comfort. It uses an 8 to 14 pound line.

This rod is designed for top water fishing and it is used with crank baits and worm lures.

Some customer comments are: What a fantastic rod: light, powerful, and an absolute joy to fish with. The workmanship is simply outstanding and the service absolutely premium. Lightweight and strong this rod can walk the dog or bump a jig equally. If I could only have one rod this would be the one. Once you put one of these rods in your hands someone will have to pry them away from you. We couldn't agree more!

Cons: These rods could be considered a bit pricy for the weekend fisherman unless they are very devoted to the sport.

Guarantee: There is a 'no hassle' limited lifetime warranty provided for all Kistler fishing rods.

Value for money: As compared to other fishing rods of equal quality, Kistler fishing rods are actually a very good value.

Where to buy: http://www.kistlerrods.com/p/KR/c-fr-topwater-fishing-rods/He60MC.html