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How To Make A Homemade Fishing Lure

The purpose of the How to Be a Lousy Fly Caster ebook is to inform and instruct. Both objectives are met and the material is presented in a humorous, easy to read style that will hold the interest of the reader.

Pros: The writer of How to Be a Lousy Fly Caster is an avid fly fisherman by the name of H. R. Swanberg. Mr. Swanberg's writing style is very funny and somewhat irreverent but it is very easy to read and to understand. He makes some excellent points...and he does so on every page.

How to be a Lousy Fly Caster is about the mistakes most commonly made by beginner fly fishermen and about some mistakes that are made by even very advanced fly fishermen that they don't even realize that they are making and about how to correct those mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

The book identifies about 22 common mistakes. The book goes on to show how these mistakes are hurting and then how best to make corrections.

Cons: The only con as far as the ebook is concerned is the lack of a money back guarantee. The book is actually filled with useful and easy to read information that is of value to the fly fisherman.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee made for this book but it is purchased through Clickbank, which always has a money-back guarantee.

Value for money: This book offers a humorous approach to fly casting problems and is easily read and understood. For that reason it is an excellent value for the cost.

Where to buy: http://flycastbook.com/