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Office Fitness

Staying fit while holding down a fulltime job takes a lot of effort and determination, but there are ways you can make it easier on yourself! More companies are becoming fitness-friendly and installing exercise centers onsite or at least offering incentives for staff to exercise, so check to see if your company has any special programs for employee fitness. Most employers today recognize the value of a physically fit employee that regularly exercises and some have even begun programs to encourage fitness throughout the company. These programs can be wonderful tools that include some great rewards for the participants, but the greatest reward is your own accomplishment of physical fitness. If your workplace doesn't offer anything like this, don't despair - there are still plenty of options for you to get fit and stay sharp at work.

Consider organizing an office fitness group that meets once or twice a week to exercise together. Undoubtedly there are other staff members within your office that are interested in staying healthy and fitting exercise into the day. Get your supervisor's permission to put up an announcement about your fitness group and be sure to know where the first meeting will be held and how formal the arrangement will be. The best fitness support groups meet regularly and aren't about competition but focus instead on encouraging one another to reach individual goals. Once your group has formed and set up a basic structure for meetings, you are basically good to go. Most office exercise teams are together just for the fun of it, but if your group decides to go further, consider entering a fundraising race for a worthy cause. Many teams do this and raise large sums of money due to the team's position within the office. This is a wonderful way to use fitness as a way of giving back to others.

If organizing an office fitness group just isn't your cup of tea, then do your best to squeeze in fitness throughout the workday. If you can keep weights at your desk or in your office, take a brief ten-minute break in the afternoon to lift some weights. Walk around the office as much as possible and even go to other floors of the building if possible. By squeezing in as many steps as you can, you increase your overall activity level for the day and boost your fitness. Buy a pedometer to wear during the day and aim for 10,000 steps every workday. You can also use the pedometer at home to monitor your progress. At the office, try to find a quiet place where you can do some stretches and muscle-building exercises like squats and lunges. If there isn't a separate room available, try using the bathroom for your personal workout area. Stretching can really be done anywhere as long as you aren't too obvious with it. Check out the outside of your company's building to see if it is suitable for outdoor exercise. If the area is safe and suitable, use your lunch hour to go outdoors and walk or do stretches. Taking a break outside can help break the tedium of the workday and refresh your mind and body, so take advantage of the outdoors for the sake of your whole body.

Keep in mind that some corporations offer rewards to employees who understand the value of fitness and regularly work out to maintain good health. Check with your Human Resources coordinator to see if your company offers a similar program. You should also check with HR to find out if the company covers any kind of gym membership for employees. Sometimes employers will cover a portion of the cost of a yearly gym membership, recognizing the value of an employee that is physically fit and healthy. The Human Resources coordinator can be a great fount of information on your company's health and fitness policies, so take the time to chat with him or her and find out exactly what is offered. Even if your company doesn't cover anything, there are still plenty of other ways that you can stay fit on the job without sacrificing time or dignity