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Exercises For Bad Knees
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2 Day Schedule For A Bigger Upper Body
Leg Workouts With Bad Knees

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Seven Workout Ideas That Won't Drain Your Budget

It's important to find new activities to incorporate into your exercise regimen to keep your mind and body challenged, but some fitness trends can be expensive. To ease the strain on your wallet, here's a list of seven free and inexpensive workout ideas that won't empty your savings account!

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing may seem like an odd Iron-man type of activity but the demands it places on the body end up providing a fantastic workout. You'll need strength, flexibility, and a sense of humor as you scale specially built walls with total heights of thirty feet or more. Safety is vital and all climbers are required to wear helmets, climbing shoes, and safety lines to prevent dangerous falls. Indoor rock climbing can range from $15-$30 but it's cheaper if you have your own shoes. Call ahead and ask if there are discounts available.

Rollerblading in the Local Park

This is an absolutely fantastic workout for the hips, thighs and buttocks, especially if your park has inclines to challenge you. The best part is that it's totally free! The majority of public parks welcome rollerbladers but checking before skating is a good idea. Remember that you do skate at your own risk, so exercise caution, especially around large groups or playgrounds with small children.

Take a Trial Class

Nearly all studios and gyms will allow you to try out their facilities and classes if you are interested in possibly joining. Find a gym that offers a class that interests you and explain you'd like to try it out. Nine times out of ten you will be allowed to take the class for free and get a stellar workout at the same time.

Rent a Bike

Bicycle riding is an excellent way to shape up the legs but if the bike you owned was in the sixth grade, you can still get in on the benefits by renting a bike from a local shop and tooling around town. In larger cities bike shops frequently offer tours or suggestions for routes, so check out the local place and rent a bike for a couple of hours. This usually costs between $8-$20 and there may be a small fee involved to release you from any responsibility for accidents or damage.

Use Your Tax Dollars

You get sucked dry of tax dollars on almost every paycheck, so it's time to make those taxes work for you. Check with your local Department of Recreation and find out about county facilities that are available for public use. Many local governments set aside money to fund public tennis courts, swimming centers, softball fields, and more. As a citizen you have the right to use any of these resources during business hours, though some may require calling ahead to make a reservation. Find nearby public tennis courts, grab a buddy, and go play a couple of sets. It cost you absolutely nothing - except those precious tax dollars.

Get a One Day Pass

All gyms offer some kind of program where you can check out the facilities and services, and frequently this program is in the form of a one-day pass. Call a gym that you're interested in and let them know of your interest. Ask if they offer temporary passes for guests to evaluate the gym. The answer is yes almost every time. Take your one-day pass and make the most of it - take a class, try out new machines, and definitely use the sauna. You get to check out the gym and add some variety to your routine at the same time!

Do Some Good and Exercise At the Same Time

Call your local animal shelter and check to see if they use volunteer walkers to help with the animals. Many times these shelters are understaffed and need the help of volunteers to give proper care to each animal. By donating your time to walk dogs, you give animals the chance to enjoy life outside the shelter and fit in a workout at the same time. Doing good for others and exercising at the same time? Getting fit has never felt this rewarding requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 5:35:17 AM