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Getting Fit on the Road

Traveling for a living can be challenging enough but when you add in the complication of trying to stay fit at the same time, it can seem nearly impossible. The good news is that getting fit while on the road is entirely possible with a few good tools and a lot of determination. The traveling exerciser faces unique obstacles in physical fitness but thanks to recent innovations, all travelers can work out whether the road takes them to Los Angeles or Toledo.

When you first get your itinerary, sit down and read it thoroughly so you don't get any unpleasant surprises. Check your hotels and then contact them to ask about workout facilities. The numbers of hotels that offer exercise facilities has skyrocketed in the past few years as more people are becoming concerned with health matters. Everyone knows that exercise is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against sickness and weight gain, and this means that more people are demanding the ability to exercise no matter where they may be. That's good news for the chronic traveler because it increases the likelihood that his itinerary includes hotels with workout equipment. Taking the time to call can confirm this, and even if your hotel does not have workout facilities, it will almost always have a pool. Swimming is a fantastic way to shape up and burn calories, and really builds your aerobic capacity quickly. If you know ahead of time that you won't have access to exercise facilities but will be able to use a pool, be sure to pack your swimwear. When you arrive at the hotel, challenge yourself to complete a certain number of laps - then do it!

If you really aren't the kind of person who uses a gym or enjoys public pools, that's no reason why you can't stay fit on the road, too. With a few well-chosen fitness accessories, you will have everything you need to maintain a strong, healthy body with beautiful muscles. One of the best fitness tools for frequent travelers is the stretchy band. Stretchy bands come in a wide range of elasticity and the stiffer ones require more effort on your part, thus building muscle with isometric movements. The great thing about these stretchy bands is that they are practically weightless and take up almost no room in your suitcase. Pack four or five of varying resistance and you have a whole range of exercises and challenges for your body. Another fitness tool for the road is the BOSU ball. BOSU, which stands for Both Sides Up, has a flat wooden bottom with one half of a rubber ball on top. You can stand on the ball to put yourself slightly off balance and require more effort from your core muscles, or put the ball side down and stand on the flat wooden part, requiring a lot of effort from your core muscles to keep you upright. You can use the BOSU ball while you do squats, lunges, and many other movements to tone the body. The BOSU ball enhances your effort and calls on your body to work harder. Simple toning movements are also a fantastic tool for road warriors - do several sets of squats, push-ups, and lunges to keep your body strong and well- defined.

Staying fit on the road is a difficult task and requires a lot of determination and dedication on your part, but having a strong, healthy body that can take the stress of life on the road is worth the effort. Using hotel fitness centers and swimming pools are fantastic tools that can make a serious difference in your fitness level, but humble isometric exercises are just as valuable as any fancy machine. Taking care of your body is a priority anyway but it becomes especially important when you're on the road and dealing with traveling stress. Being physically fit and maintaining that fitness can simplify matters when dealing with the craziness, so don't give up on being fit on your travel schedule - it's really worth all the effort