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Best Classes for Weight Loss

So many commercials and advertisements scream "Lose weight now!" but how many of them are actually legitimate? Just to be clear, taking pills and supplements are not going to get rid of excess weight - the only way to do that is through good old-fashioned cardiovascular exercise coupled with a healthy diet. Thanks to modern innovations and ideas, though, you can work out and burn more fat than ever while you have fun at the same time! Gyms and fitness studios across the country are focusing on creating cardiovascular fitness classes that keep participants engaged and encouraged, and this is a boon for folks who are traditionally turned off by the thought of exercise. Losing weight has never been so fun and fast!


The workout of the stars, spinning is an exercise similar to biking except that, well, you don't go anywhere. When you spin, you are using a machine similar to a bike but with only one wheel and with adjustable resistance so that you can control the level of exertion. Beginners start with the handle in a traditional biking position but as you proceed through levels and become more fit, eventually the handles will be almost level with the bike saddle. Spinning mimics mountain biking by changing resistance at different points throughout the workout, imitating hills and rises. The calorie burn can be impressive but be prepared for a sweaty workout. Your leg muscles will be called upon in ways they never have before and the first few classes will probably leave you with some muscle soreness and stiffness that should disappear within a few days. Spinning instructors recommend that participants wear heart monitors to track heart rate and move into the ideal range for maximum fat burning. You can find Spinning classes at gyms nationwide.

Belly Dancing

If you've ever watched belly dancers and admired the lithe, seductive movements, here's your chance to learn their secrets and burn calories at the same time. Belly dancing classes have exploded in popularity in the past few years and can be found in most major cities and metropolitan areas. You won't need any special workout gear, just show up in your t-shirt and shorts. You'll start learning the basics of moving your hips and waist, and go from there to the more complicated twists that make belly dancing so unique and seductive. The calorie burn is average but couple the class with a healthy diet and brisk walking several times per week and you'll see the fat begin to melt away. The bonus of belly dancing is that as you're burning calories you are also toning and firming the abdominal muscles, so when the fat is gone you'll be able to see beautifully defined abdominals. In addition to that, you will have learned a unique skill that you can use as a workout any time you like!

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics can burn serious calories thanks to the work it requires from muscles. The concept of step aerobics has been around for decades and it became popular in the eighties along with Jane Fonda. It remained a regular offering at fitness studios but recently has enjoyed a renewed burst of popularity. In a step aerobics class, there will be an instructor leading the class from the front. You will need an exercise step that can be raised or lowered depending on your fitness ability. After a brief warm-up, the instructor will lead the class in aerobic exercise utilizing the step to increase calorie burn. The pace can get intense and that equals a higher fat burn for you! Arms will frequently be included as part of the workout but only to increase the heart rate, so don't forget to include regular strength training as part of your fitness program

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