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Belly Overhang Elimination

Ten Energizing Exercise Soundtracks

Sometimes the prospect of exercising just doesn't thrill you the way it used to. When you've lost that enthusiasm for fitness, it can really discourage you from your regular workout. One of the best ways to get your groove back and start enjoying exercise again is to find some energizing music that gets your heart pumping and your feet tapping. Here are some suggestions to start your engines!

Britney Spears, In the Zone

The whole album is full of fantastic dance beats that get inside your head and start your feet moving. Sure, the lyrics may be simplistic at times but you're really just here for the music, right?

Chumbawamba, Tubthumper

Yes, it has that song on it and no, it doesn't make much sense, but the irresistible beats will sneak into your blood and keep you moving long after the workout has ended.

The Beach Boys, Summer Days (And Summer Nights!)

The quintessential California soundtrack is the perfect speed for interval training - fast songs followed by a slow one match your movements and keep you engaged.

Switchfoot, Meant to Live

Driving baselines and steady drums keep this album moving through a variety of songs that keep your feet moving.

Madonna, Music

Full of techno flourishes and pounding beats, you can't help but get up and dance when you hear it. Maybe it's not the album of the century but the energy is palpable and begs you to move.

Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head

The music will move you but more than that, the lyrics will make you think. This is a good soundtrack for when you need to work things out while working out


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