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Four Ways To Fit More Fitness In Your Schedule
April 27th, 2017

Getting Fit on the Road

Four Ways to Fit More Fitness in Your Schedule

Life moves at the speed of light and everyone's schedules seem to be crammed full. When you have too much going on, is it even possible to fit exercise into the day? Fortunately exercise doesn't have to be a formal one-hour event and there are dozens of ways to squeeze more fitness into your life. Here are four of the best ways to incorporate more exercise into your day-to-day life.

Fitness At Work

Exercise and work may not seem to go together but more employers are encouraging their workers to get healthy. Some companies even incorporate fitness breaks into the workday to accommodate busy schedules. But what if your company isn't one of these fitness-friendly guys? There are many ways you can squeeze exercise in at the office without anyone even knowing! One of the most frequently mentioned methods is taking the stairs over the elevators. That's great, but let's take the idea a little further and try to walk around as much as possible. Walk over to a co-worker's desk rather than sending an email or instant message, and instead of using the bathroom on your floor, go to one a few stories up - and take the stairs. Other ideas include practicing Pilates moves right at your desk and doing simple stretches either in your office or in the bathroom. If you look for opportunities to exercise, they'll start to jump out at you everywhere.

Fitness At Home

Great, you're home - working out is so much easier now, right? Wrong! Home requires just as much attention and responsibility as work, as well as being mom or dad at the same time. An easy way to add fitness at home is to involve the whole family. Kids don't view exercise as work and it can be a special time to share with your child that you wouldn't have otherwise. Have the family take a walk before or after dinner or organize a family-wide game of tag in the backyard. Other ideas for home fitness include turning housework into aerobic exercise. Get that vacuum cleaner going and use your arm, back, and core muscles to propel it back and forth. Load the dishwasher and maintain proper posture as you bend and straighten, keeping your abdominal muscles tight. Sweep the driveway as fast as you can for a quick aerobic blast!

Out and About

Incorporating fitness moves into your errands may seem strange but once you get used to the idea, you'll wonder why you never thought of using the checkout line at the grocery store as a workout zone! When you're standing in any kind of line, contract your buttocks for a count of 15 and then release. This helps strengthen the muscle and can also keep you from losing your cool when the customer in front of you needs three price checks. Another good move is to stand on your tiptoes for a count of 10 and then drop back. This helps strengthen calf muscles. Pushing a loaded grocery cart also qualifies as aerobic effort! When you're sitting in traffic, seize the moment to do some arm exercises and stretching moves while you wait. You may get a few funny looks but at least your blood pressure isn't boiling over.

Spur of the Moment

If you're having one of those lazy days or are just simply bored, use your time to visit a local park and do some speed-walking. If the weather is uncooperative, go to your local mall and walk briskly around all levels at least twice. Some malls offer reward programs that allow you to earn points for walking at the mall, which can then be redeemed for gift certificates or coupons. That's not too bad for a random decision to go walking at the mall! There are literally hundreds of options for random fitness jaunts, so take the time to look around your area and figure out where you want to go for your next spur of the moment fitness trip