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Golf Tips - 4 Tips Every Golfer Should Abide By

3 Basic Basic Tips
April 27th, 2017

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Like any other sport, golf has basic rules that should always be adhered to, even if you are not a competitive player and just like to hit a few rounds on the course in your leisure time. It makes the game fair, challenging, and respectful to the other players you are with.

Here are three such rules:

1. Do not cheat by switching balls during a hole. The rules state that you must play with the same ball from the tee off to the final putt. Wherever the ball lands on each shot, that is where you play it from.

2. Always carry a scorecard with you. It is not absolutely necessary, especially if you do not plan on keeping score, but even if not, having a scorecard is a great way to track your progress.

3. The best way to progress in golf and improve your short game is to compare older scorecards with your current game. In other words, if you just hit the course yesterday, and today bring along that scorecard. You now have an opportunity to look at every shot made an improve on mistakes.