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Basic Golf Info - 6 Tips For New Golfers Who Are “Wet Behind The Ears”

Basic Golf Rules, By The Usga
April 27th, 2017

3 Basic Rules By The United States Golf Association

Golf has so many rules and regulations, built over hundreds of years, that a manual was created and is updated yearly, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.

Below are a few basic rules that concern the golf ball when in play:

1. Once the ball makes its way to the putting green, the rules state that you are allowed to mark the its position. The benefits of marking the ball's spot is so that you can pick it up and clean it thoroughly so as to avoid interfering with your next shot. Second, if your ball is in the same target line of another player's ball located farther away, picking the ball up will reduce the chance of ruining that player's putt.

2. Another rule concerning the ball when it hits the putting green is that you must remove the flagstick to avoid a penalty.

3. You must always play your ball from the correct putting green. There may be times when you hit a shot and the ball lands on another hole's green that is not your own. If this happens, you must pick up the ball and drop it at the nearest location of relief.