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3 Basic Rules By The United States Golf Association

Beginner Golf Tips - Taking The Confusion Out Of Golf's Fundamentals
April 27th, 2017

Beginner Golf Tips - What To Expect As A New Golfer

Back when I started learning how to play golf there wasn't as much help and information available, not like what is provided from today's information age. Needless to say, I learned on my own and of course made a lot of mistakes along the way, especially when I tried to mimic what the professional golfers were doing on TV.

If you are just starting out in golf yourself, the best advice is to understand that it will take a few years just to get the basics down. You will have your ups, your downs, and learning new techniques while understanding your individual style will come in growth spurts.

When a new technique you are trying to learn seems impossible one day, through practice and repetition, it will simply come naturally another day.

Stick To The Basics

In all my years of playing golf, it seems that sticking to the basics was the best approach (a universal strategy that works in every aspect of daily living). As you work your way through golf's plateaus, peaks, and valleys, the most important thing to remember is to stick to the fundamentals.

Strive to improve each and every time you play the game. Learn that patience and perseverance are just as important as making contact with the ball. The ultimate reward for your positive attitude and consistency in playing on the course will be an improved game, and the development for a lifelong golf passion.

Become Friends With Your Clubs

When you begin learning the fundamentals of golf, another golden nugget of advice that I learned along the way is to stick to the same pair of golf clubs for at least 1 to 2 years. When you are experiencing the early stages of golf, the equipment you use should not be changed so that you can experience as much stability as possible.

Trusting the same clubs during your initial year or two of golf will also help minimize variables that can affect your game in a negative way. For example, by sticking with the same driver during this time period, you will learn to identify what factors are making a positive contribution to your tee shots. Changing clubs too often, especially during this learning period, will not enable you to know whether your technique has improved.