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Custom Golf Clubs - Make Sure You Have A Trusted Fitter

Customized Golf Clubs - What To Expect When Being Measured For A Set Of Customized Golf Clubs
April 27th, 2017

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When customizing a set of golf clubs, be sure to check around your local golf accessory stores and compare prices. It is important that the staff also take correct measures so that your clubs are designed exactly the way you need them to be, and according to your body type.

When having a set of clubs fitted for customization, there are three major areas which goes into a fitting. They are the height, your arm length, and the swing speed. Let's briefly touch on each below:

The Height: Taller men and women generally have more of an upright swing. If you are tall then the manufacturer will adjust the "lie" of your clubs. The lie is determined from the angle that the clubhead extends from its shaft, which is connected like a hinge. This hinge will be closed slightly for taller people, and shortened a bit for golfers that may be on the short side.

The Arm Length: The arm length is an important factor that will determine the length of your shafts. When you are playing golf, you never want to have to crouch down unnaturally when gripping the club, nor is it desirable to choke up on the club either.

The fitting of your grip must feel perfectly natural. The customization process will include measuring the length of your arms, similar to that of a suit tailor. The measurement will be made by your arms against your sides, and the shaft length will be determined by the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the ground.

The Swing Speed: The kind of shafts your clubs will have will depend on your swing speed. Of course everyone has a different swing speed, which can depend on size, age, strength, etc.

Most professional golfers have steel shafts that are specifically designed stiff. They are extremely rigid and have very little flexibility when swung. On the other hand, average golfers are typically best suited to have steel shafts or granite shafts. Flexibility can then be measured by regular, women's, or senior.