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Driving range - Common Etiquette Manners For The Driving Range

Driving Range - 5 Practice Tips For The Driving Range
May 27th, 2017

Driving Range - Driving Range Tips For The Newcomer

The driving range is meant to be a serious practice tool which can benefit every golfer's game. Here are five practice tips for you to keep in mind the next time you hit the range:

1. Do not just knock balls into the air for the mere benefit of seeing them fly. Instead, have a goal of exactly what you want out of each session.

2. Always aim for a target, whether it be someplace on the artificial green, a yardage marker sign, or a patch of grass.

3. Learn when to stop. When you come to the point on the driving range when you have reached your goal for the day, learn when to stop. Hitting too many balls can lead to injury and boredom.

4. Give equal practice time to your short game as you do your long-distance shots.

5. When practicing your short shots, never hit them from the same spot each and every time. Vary your length and distances for faster progression.