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Driving Range - 5 Practice Tips For The Driving Range

Driving Range - Driving Range Tips For The Newcomer
April 27th, 2017

Driving Range - Why You Might Be Wasting Your Time At The Driving Range

Welcome to the driving range, the place where every beginner spends hours upon hours hitting the ball in order to perfect their technique. Beginner golfers aren't the only players that can be found at the driving range, you will also find more seasoned golf players who enjoy sharpening up their skills in their spare time.

The Average Driving Range

Most driving ranges are very similar, which contain anywhere between 30 to 50 separate stalls so that you can have your own individual space and privacy, separated from the other golfers by barriers made from wood or steal.

You will find a tray inside every stall that contains your golf balls and an artificial green turf mat, approximately 6 feet square. The average cost for a bucket of balls, which contains anywhere from 50 to 100 golf balls, costs around $5.

At the end of the artificial turf mat there should be a rubber tee that is sticking out on one side of the area. This is where each golf ball will be placed for your shots. Larger golf clubs are typically used here, especially the driver. Many golf players may even make their shots from the mat instead of the tee, using their irons, because this resembles the feel of hitting from real grass.

Your Goal On The Range

Your local driving range should have measured markers located out into the field which helps you to see the distance your ball reaches. These markers should be 75 yards, 100 yards, 125 yards, 150 yards, 175 yards, 200 yards, & 250 yards.

The purpose of these measurements can mean multiple functions for each golfer. The beginner has an opportunity to find out how far each of his clubs will hit the ball. This is essential knowledge to have when actually playing the game.

Always Focus On A Target

Some driving ranges offer simulated green areas that have flagsticks set up at different lengths. This enables you to swing right for the hole. However, regardless if there is a flagstick up for you or not, always have a target in mind when swinging. By hitting balls aimlessly, you will not learn how to focus on a target and control your shots as needed.