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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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Start with your feet placed just so, your body turned slightly to the left, your ball directly under the logo on your shirt. Carefully line your body so that it's shaped like this… And the list of golf stance instructions goes on. In fact, some people get so caught up in the stance that they lose sight of the real purpose a perfect golf game. Defining your perfect golf game is probably more important than the perfect stance. And if you're out to enjoy the game, getting caught up in the details can really be a problem.

So does that mean that you shouldn't work on your stance? Absolutely not. The pros say the stance and swing are at the heart of a successful golf game. You may very well be able to make a great drive from something less than a great stance, but perfecting your stance will allow you to play a more consistent game of golf.

Start by relaxing. This step may take some work, especially at first when you're trying to remember the myriad of rules that make a successful stance. Your arms, though fixed in position, should never be rigid. In fact, most pros and coaches say you should start with your arms relaxed at your sides.

The actually stance depends on several factors, including (according to many) gender. There's at least a general consensus that women need a wider stance than men. Remember that your golf stance is the basis of the entire swing and that balance is crucial. Add to that the fact that the hips and pelvis of men and women are naturally different and you'll get a basic understanding of why women often need a wider stance. Because the male golfer's hips tend to be more rigid than of their female counterparts, his body reacts to the counterswing and the follow-through differently. A woman's hips are made to swing more easily and this can be a real advantage on the stance, as long as the woman compensates for that difference. Finding a comfortable standing position will likely take some trial and error, and some practice.

Finding the comfort zone is important, but you may need to be willing to compromise comfort in order to work on your stance. While you shouldn't be standing in a position that makes your body hurt, you may very well experience some discomfort while your body is adjusting to the position of a new or adjusted stance. Remember to loosen muscles before you hit the course, and to practice for short periods during that adjustment phase.

The stance is only one part of the successful golf game, but it's very important. Coupled with the grip and other aspects of the swing, it makes up the ability to play a consistent game of golf. But before you get lost in the details of the stance, remember that golf for most people is meant to be fun. If the details of the stance are killing your enjoyment of the game, it might be time to take a good look at your definition of a successful game of golf

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