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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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Back in the old days, your choice of golf balls was simple; high-level professionals would use a three piece golf ball, which had a high spin, and covered with balata. Your every day, normal golf players would opt for the two piece golf ball which was covered with surlyn and was rock solid.

Today, however, there is an enormous amount of golf balls to choose from. For the beginner, making this choice may not be easy, so let's simplify things a bit and take a look at a few details of today's golf ball varieties.

The easiest way to look at the types of golf balls that are available today is to view them from a two-sided menu. On one side you have the type of balls that professionals use, which are soft, high spin, very expensive, and three-piece.

On the other side, you have standard two-piece golf balls that are low spin, inexpensive, and are the average choice for beginner and amateur golfers.

Then you have the middle - in between the two general ball types where you will find many kinds of multipurpose golf balls which provide plenty of distance when hit from the tee, yet gives enough control to the player.

Making The Right Choice

You can use the above simplified explanation of golf ball types to make the right choice for your needs. If you are a beginner then you would obviously want to go with the two piece, low spin golf balls. While you have less control, the fact that your swing should have the ball going straight as possible will alleviate potential bad shots, thereby reducing penalties.

As you improve your golfing skills, you can then start to move towards the middle choice of multipurpose golf balls which will start to give you a bit more control over the flight of the ball. Soon enough you will be at the skill level to actually steer the ball in different directions to make more successful shots.

Good golfers want as much control as possible so that they can steer the ball to the left or to the right, depending on their intended direction. Beginners should only be concerned about driving every last yard they can from their shots, and in a straight direction.

There is also 2 more last minute tips:

1. Keep your golf balls warm: Did you know that a ball will suffer the loss of distance if it is too cold? If you are playing during a cold day, hold on to a few balls inside of your coat pocket and handle them here and there to keep the balls warmed up. You can then alternate balls at each new tee so that you can start one that is warm.

2. Golf balls do not last forever: Golf balls have a shelf life. After approximately 1 year, you will lose distance with the same ball. It is best to keep track of how long you have had your golf balls to avoid using them stale. And remember, three-piece balls tend to lose their quality sooner than two-piece golf balls.

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