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Difference Between Professional Golf And Amatuer
With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target
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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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If you're a professional golfer, you've probably got a well-documented handicap. Everyone's interested in your ability so everyone is keeping track. But for golfers who are something less than pros, your handicap may be a tedious piece of paperwork. Why not turn to technology to help?

There are several software and Internet programs available that will help you come up with your numerical handicap, and even help you track your scores to establish your handicap for tournaments.

You have options in these programs that range from online sources to purchased software packages. Prices also vary significantly and you can spend as little as $10-$12, or more than $100. Remember that if you choose an online source to check the website's privacy policy and never offer up personally identifying information that could result in identity theft.

The extent of the programs varies as much as the price. You can find programs that do all the calculations for you, offering up a spreadsheet with all your stats, or choose a simpler program that merely gives you a numerical handicap.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your program and your figures is still only as good as your record-keeping practices. If you're one of those people who can't seem to find time for mundane tasks, you may find that you're not also not able to get all the stats entered to track your handicap. On the other hand, having a computer program for the golf handicap tracking may be just the motivation you need to keep better records.

One advantage of an online service over software is that you can stop and enter the information from any computer with Internet access. That means that you can get it done at the office right after you return from a lunch golf game, or even from the clubhouse right after you leave the course. You can also print out your records from any location.

There are many benefits to establishing and tracking your handicap. While the casual golfer may have little need of a regularly updated handicap, there's no doubt that tracking your handicap can often be the incentive needed to improve your game. While making better shots on the course is a good sign that your game is improving, there's nothing like a solid number to prove the fact.

Remember that the results of software programs may not be widely accepted. Before you spend the money for software and expend the time and energy to track and document your golf handicap, check with any tournaments you play to participate in. Ask if they accept any software programs and check into the rules of documentation.

If you're looking for tournament entrance, you should check the USGA's handicap rules. You'll find several online sources for obtaining your handicap, along with how to document those figures for tournament play.

Whether it's simply to improve your own game or to document your way into tournament play, it's important to get reliable numbers that truly represent your handicap. Otherwise, you may think you're making definite strides when you aren't, or eve that you're not advancing your game when it really is

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