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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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every golf player has their own "slot" in their downswing. The slot is nothing more than a place where the shaft angle is parallel to the plane. Ideally, the club should get to this position when your hands reach the height of your hips during the downswing, and the club is behind you.

Finding the proper slot position in your swing consists of five key elements:

1. Your left arm must be perfectly perpendicular to the ground, the left hand should be flat or slightly bowed, and the base of your left hand knuckles should be pointing straight down.

2. Your right hand should be bent back, with the right elbow in front of your hip.

3. The club shaft should be parallel with your right forearm.

4. The club should be behind your backside, and the club face perpendicular to the ground.

5. And finally, the shoulders will be closed slightly, with your hips almost parallel to the target line. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 10:05:36 AM