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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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During any given day playing golf, there will be times when you will have to use what is called the chip shot in order to hit the ball onto the green. In order to be successful at chipping the ball, you must set your stance up correctly.

Chip shots are made by taking a stance that will put you close to the target line, so that your eyes are directly over it. The closer to the target line you are, the better the chance you have of moving the club back and hitting straight through to your target.

A Matter Of Preference

The stance you choose is largely dependent upon your personal preferences. You should feel comfortable and balanced. Try opening up your stance a bit as it may allow you to see better down the target line, thus making it easier to swing the clubhead at the intended target. When you are comfortable with your setup, your confidence increases.

Setting Up The Ball

The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance when making a chip shot. It makes it easier for the clubhead to swing right along the target line, and at the appropriate angle. If you move the ball backwards in your stance, it will fly lower, and moving it up a bit will cause the ball to pop higher. However, chip shots do not require any adjusting of the ball, just set up right in the middle.

Proper Weight Distribution

Your weight should be dominating through the center of your stance. This position offers perfect balance and allows you to naturally open yourself to the target. In other words, your front shoulder and toe should be slightly left, or right, of where they would normally be positioned when addressing the ball.

Generally speaking, if you need the ball to fly higher, additional weight should be placed on the front foot. For right-handed golfers, the more weight that is put on the left side, the more the club will swing up as opposed to back, and low to the grass.

Chip shots normally require the ball to fly low with a decent roll. Therefore, the best weight distribution tactic is to keep your balance and all of your weight in the middle of your stance throughout the entire swing.

The Shoulders

If your stance is open, as instructed, then your shoulders should naturally open up or angle slightly to the left of the target. You should be close to the ball so that you can look over and down towards the target line.

The Grip

Remember that the chip is not a strength or power shot. When gripping the club before your swing, you may have the tendency to tighten up too much. Try to resist this urge because too much pressure on the club can make you tense, thereby ruining the shot. A lighter grip on the club will enable you to feel the ball hitting the blade. Your focus should be on touch, not on power.

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