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With The Feet Pointing Just A Few Degrees Towards The Right Of Your Target


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It's easy to say that those who don't have a good grip won't have a good game. And it's easy to say that a good grip is vital to a good swing. But what constitutes a "good grip?" How do you achieve it? And if you don't have one, where do you get it?

Unlike the latest gadget, the training aid that helped you stop that awful slice or even your lucky golf sweater, you can't find a perfect golf grip at your favorite golf supply place. And even more confusing, if you ask any fifty golfers amateurs or professionals - to demonstrate The Perfect Grip, you'd likely get fifty slightly different demonstrations.

It comes to a variety of factors. Unfortunately for some (and fortunately for others), golf isn't an exact science. You can't put an equation on your golf grip. But there are some things you can do to make your grip better. Take a look at some of the tips offered by the pros.

Make sure the grip on your club is right for you. Most people understand the role clubs play in a great round of golf. If you're not playing with your own clubs, you may find yourself playing a poor game of golf. But some people think that a new set of golf clubs are a wonderful gift without stopping to consider that the clubs may not fit the player. Just as a single pair of gloves wouldn't fit every golfer, golf grips are made for the individual. Take time to find what fits you best and don't settle for something else.

Comfort is another point. No matter which golf grip you prefer, you have to be comfortable with it. If you're spending all your time chanting a mantra "right hand like so, left thumb goes here, push the left hand to here" you can't think about anything else. While most golfers do have to spend some time practicing the grip, it shouldn't become the most time-consuming point of learning (or playing) the game.

If you aren't happy, try something new. If your grip is too uncomfortable or the grip on your clubs too large, fix it. Unless you're working with a professional coach who refuses to let you make any adjustments, take a look at your methods and your equipment.

If you do have someone pointing out a better method (and if your game is indicating that you need that help), take time to give it a good try. Any change in your grip is probably going to result in at least some minor discomfort. Your body, arms and hands are accustomed to working in one particular movement and a change in your grip is going to mean that all those parts have to make some adjustments. That change probably isn't going to happen naturally in just a few minutes (or hours) or practice. Give the new grip a chance to become more natural and see if it helps. It's never too late to revert, but you should at least give it a proper chance

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