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Most people don't consider miniature golf to be challenging. On the other hand there are avid putt-putt golf participants that travel the United States in search of the next great challenge. Almost every town has at least one such golf course. There are websites that deal strictly with miniature golf vacations.

What better way to form a sense of bond with your family than to pack them up and head off to the nearest putt-putt golf course? Or set your entire family vacation around the idea of a miniature golf course. Just like with every other family there is a theme to your family vacations. Now if dad can just admit his inner most desire to see the largest miniature golf course in America, we can be happily on our way.

Whether you are heading across the state to see the most amazing small golf course or across town to the local putt-putt course you are bound to find fun. From the largest to the smallest family member there will be challenges for each one. And normally there are video arcades or large ponds with giant goldfish to feed when you are finished. Don't forget the ice cream parlor on the way home.

Golf is golf, they say, and no matter how you get to play it be glad you're playing. The challenges on a legitimate golf course can't be too much more challenging than those dreaded windmills on a miniature golf course. Sand traps? Don't make us laugh. With putt-putt golf there are dark caves, stampeding elephants and once there was a report of a giant whale that ate golf balls.

In reality the thought and preparation that is behind each and every miniature golf hole rivals that of any regular-sized golf experience. Putt-putt golf courses are expensive to keep going. Electricity bills are to be paid. Upkeep and maintenance is also an important part of any golf course, miniature golf is no exception. And though they seem to suffer as part of America's fading pastime where families gather and do things out-of-doors as a group, put-putt golf will not go quietly. With your interest, curiosity and support future generations will be blessed to know what it is like to herd a pink golf ball through the mouth of a snake only to realize it has gone straight through the snake and fallen right into the ninth hole as a hole in one.

Though pink golf balls and pint-sized golf clubs may seem distracting to a serious golfer, imagine the delight you will discover with a group of friends or with family members as you make your way through difficult miniature golf holes. Keeping score is always a fun thing with real golf and miniature golf should be no different. The secret is to make the most honest person in the group scorekeeper.

So the next time you are stumped for something fun to do on a Saturday night or if you are trying to decide on the best party place for your eight-year-old son and six of his friends, think no more. Putt-putt golf is amazing fun, great exercise and terrifically affordable


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