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Although golf is a wonderful sport and can be extremely addicting, there is one factor that always seems to annoy many players on the course: Groups that play through at an extremely slow pace. An 18 hole course should take only three to four hours to play through. But it seems that nowadays the game takes a lot longer to play, sometimes more than five hours.

Having too many people on the course can contribute to extra time, but the truth of the matter is that a slow game is usually the result of players who cannot keep up with the pace. Some golfers (especially beginners) tend to think too much and take a long time to decide on what shot to make, and with what club to use.

Many players have the habit of taking a lot of practice swings before making their actual shot. Beginners sometimes play on a course that is a bit advanced and end up causing an enormous amount of delays.

Not that there's anything wrong with new golfers trying to get a handle on the game, but imagine group of people in front of you taking 10 or more shots on every single hole they play. This could get annoying, and fast!

Learn To Pick Up The Pace

Learning how to speed up your game is quite easy. You just have to follow a few common sense rules.

1. Be prepared to make your swing as soon as it becomes your turn to hit the ball. Before you approach the ball, try your best to have in mind what type of club you want to use and the choice of shot you would like to make.

2. When you have decided on your next move, go ahead and take out your club and be prepared, even if it isn't your turn yet.

3. Avoid the habit of taking too many practice swings when your turn does come around. Try making it a rule of thumb to make only 1 - 3 practice swings, then the real shot.

4. If you are new to the game of golf, avoid playing through on an advanced course. Instead, opt for a smaller sized course, such as a par-3/9-hole.

5. Also for new golfers, have the courtesy to move on to the next hole if you are taking far too many shots. As a beginner, there are times when you must accept defeat, pick up your ball, and start at the next hole. Trust me, the people playing behind you will be very appreciative.

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