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As a beginner golfer, you may not know this yet but the infamous "push" shot is one mistake that many players have to consciously fix when learning the game. It is a mistake that is similar to the pull shot, but moves in the opposite direction. This article will describe in better detail what causes the push, as well as offer a simple remedy to the problem.

The Push Shot

The push describes a shot where the golf ball starts out moving towards the right and continues in that direction (right-handed golfers). This occurs when the club head approaches your ball from an inside pass, and with the clubface open in relation to the target line.

If you have the problem of pushing the ball then the issue is most likely caused by the lack of enough body rotation on the downswing portion. This causes your arms to lag behind everything else, thus causing a late hit.

When a late hit occurs, the clubhead misses the hitting zone when it is supposed to. Even if you were to approach the ball from the inside, you may still push the ball if you are not properly releasing the clubhead.

Another reason that may be causing you to push the ball is that you have the ball located too far back within your stance. This causes the clubhead to hit the ball far too early, which means that the face makes impact with the ball before it has the opportunity to point in a straight direction down the target line.

How To Get Rid Of The Push

There are a few techniques that golfers use in order to rid themselves of pushing the ball. Its best to stick with the basics, especially if you are new to the game of golf. Having said that, the first step you need to take care of is to practice making your hips turn fully on the downswing portion so that your belt buckle will be pointing towards the target at the end of your swing.

In order to achieve this technique, you must be sure that your weight is being completely shifted from your right foot to the left. At first, try practicing this weight shift without a club by bringing your arms backwards, and then through, the swing, all the while consciously transferring your weight from the back to the front. Meanwhile, your body should not be moving backwards and forwards during the swing, just rotating back and through, back and through.

Once you get the movement down and are confident with the proper swing technique needed to eliminate the push, pick up your club and practice the same movement repeatedly. Always check the position of your belt buckle at the end of each swing.

Last Minute Tip: Be sure to take notice of your release. Check to see that you are releasing the club head appropriately by turning the right forearm over your left forearm as you approach impact (right-handed golfers). This rolling movement will help the club face to be closed and create a straight moving ball instead of it veering off to the right.

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