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As you become a more experienced golf player (classified as intermediate), you will need to figure out different methods in order to find out how well you are progressing. The easiest way to do this is by determining your score.

Your score shows your handicap. A decrease in your handicap proves that you are getting better with your game. However, if you want to know precisely what your handicap is, you need to turn in your real score for each hole.

How Can Cheating On Your Score Help Your Skills?

The answer is that it can't. By bending the rules of the game, you are only turning in inaccurate scores. Fabricating your handicap may look good on paper and may even impress other players, but it will not do you any good when it comes to determining your progress with the game.

In fact, lowering your handicap can harm your play by putting you at a disadvantage in competing. If the score shows that you are a 12 handicap, although in reality you are more likely an 18 or 20, then you won't get as many shots as you should when playing with people that match your handicap (which is based on a lie).

Long Term Effects Of Cheating

Cheating with your score also has long term effects on your competitive play. Once your golf buddies realize that you are forging your scores in one way or another, whether you are using an offbeat way of keeping scores or bumping your ball so you can better the lie, they will no longer trust you, even when you are not cheating anymore.

Worse yet, these people may decide not to play with you again. So even if you turn over a new leaf choose to start playing by the rules, you'll probably have a hard time convincing your golf friends that you can be trusted.

In the game of golf, keep in mind that first and foremost, you are in competition with yourself, and your score indicates how far you are progressing. By forging with your score, you are only cheating yourself of having the real feeling of accomplishment. And when playing with others, it is just as important to document your scores accurately.

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