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As you progress each shot down the fairway, the distance between your ball and the flagstick becomes shorter and shorter. This means that your goal is to hit the ball as far as possible from the tee shot. Then on all subsequent shots you will need to adjust your swing for accuracy and precision, not distance.

This requires that you utilize different clubs for different shots. The club faces are made from either metal or wood. Different materials on a golf club will have different effects on how far the ball will travel, and how high it will go.

Choosing An Iron or Wood

Generally speaking, the higher the number on the club, such as a 9-iron for example, the higher the ball will go into the air, but with much less distance than a lower-numbered club, such as a 3-iron.

If you are new to golf and are a little confused about these numbers and what clubs to use, don't worry, in time you will have a specific feel for each and every one of your 14 clubs when playing on the golf course.