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If you are on a budget but golf is your sport of choice then you have many options to purchase pre-owned golf equipment. From gently worn items to golf cars that no longer suit the needs of fellow golfers there are countless ways to own high quality low priced golf items. And even if you are not on a set income there are many opportunities to find quality golfing items that are in great condition.

Golf clubs are a very intimate part of every golf game. Purchasing used golf clubs can be tricky but not impossible. If you are patient and have an idea what type of golf clubs suit you best, resale shops are a penny-wise approach to acquiring high quality low cost golf clubs. In looking for left handed clubs or other unique features you might be surprised how easily your search for used clubs will succeed in sound results. Whether you are on a budget or just like to spend your money in a wise manner used golf clubs are the ticket.

Gently worn golf shoes are not an uncommon purchase. Whether found at a yard sale, thrift store or a pre-owned golf accessory store, name brand and low cost shoes are an easy find. Here again patience will be a helpful tool in your search. There is a saying among resale shop patrons, "If you are looking for something specific, odds are you won't find it until you have bought it new." An open mind is also a very wonderful thing when shopping resale venues.

Used golf balls can be found by the bag at yard sales or thrift stores. These balls are a smart purchase and serve a great need by allowing the golfer a way to practice his or her golf swing without concern to the loss. Bags of tees can be found for minimal cost also. Ball washers, golf towels, and cleat wrench kits are all likely finds in the resale atmosphere. Head covers and other accessories are common among yard sales and in resale shops.

Golf cars and carts can be purchased used. Manual push or pull carts can easily be a high cost item. Purchasing gently used golf carts is another way to stay geared up with quality equipment while money remains in your pocket. There are websites available that make finding replacement parts for motorized golf cars a breeze. Even purchasing a golf car that needs a small amount of maintenance or possibly a new mechanical part or accessory is not an unusually bad decision.

Purchasing pre-owned articles is a great way to save money and most times you will find decent well taken care of products. In some cases there are safe guards to take into account so that you are not spending hard earned money on an item that will only cause you grief, give you a headache and cost you more money in the long run. More than likely your pre-owned, resold, or gently used equipment; accessories and personal golfing items will bring you years of happy use