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A great practice technique that is a remarkable way to help you develop a better sense of your swing, and the ball, is to take practice shots with one hand.

Here is how it's done:

1. On the practice range, stand over the ball with your normal stance, using a wedge or the 9-iron.

2. Let go of the club with your dominant hand. Keep it at your side. Remember, this drill requires only one arm in use.

3. Start your one-arm practice swing by taking chip shots. By hitting these small chip shots, you will develop a better feel for getting the clubhead on the ball. It also lets you see how the ball moves when it comes off of the clubface.

4. Finally, continue the drill and work your way up to taking ¾ swing pitch shots, still using just your non-dominant hand. You will find that your confidence with the one arm will improve and when you make your normal swings, they will seem stronger and the ball will fly farther.

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