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A Consistent Golf Game


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a consistent golf game

Have you ever been to a live professional golf tournament? If not, then you your truly missing out on a wonderful experience. I realize that golf comes on TV every day, especially with the new 24/7 golf channels, but there are times when watching the game on TV just isn't enough.

Watching the professionals play from the comfort of your own home does not allow for the true experience and emotion that resonate from the players, the depth of each hole, and the beauty of the golf course.

And when you are out there seeing the action live, there is nothing like standing just a few yards behind your favorite professional golfer as he or she rips a 275-yard drive with the speed of lightning. Everybody should attend a professional golf game at lease one time in their lives just to watch, up close, the incredible talent of today's golf professionals.

Actually, Watching Golf Television Isn't So Bad...

Before I get you too depressed with what you are missing from watching a live professional golf game, it's only fair to discuss the benefits of watching golf at home. Besides the obvious benefit of having your comfortable sofa to sit on while viewing, you get the entire game fed to you by commentators and easy-to-understand bits of information that helps bring every swing together, complete, and without confusion.

Then there are the dozens camera shots. I bet you probably have never thought about how golf on television makes it easy for you to see what's going on from one player to the next, even when they are on completely opposite sides of the hole.

You may be watching David Duval's beautiful long drive on the 5th hole, then seconds later the camera cuts over to Tiger Wood's putt shot on the 7th. You do not have this luxury when watching a live tournament. Unfortunately, you are stuck with whatever your 2 eyes can see, no cameras to help.

Disadvantages Of Seeing The Game Live

It also wouldn't be fair if I neglected to mention the disadvantages of watching a professional golf tournament in the flesh. I should know, as I have been to a dozen or more games over the last five years.

The first disadvantage that comes to mind is how long the game takes when you are watching it live. Most courses are fairly large and it takes the players quite a bit of time to walk from hole-to-hole. The constant waiting and patience for the next play was something that I had to get used to after seeing my first live golf game.

Second, while golf fans are at home sitting on the comfort of their own sofa and sipping on their favorite beverage, hundreds, and even thousands of golf fans are walking around trying to get up close to their favorite professional golfer, squeezing everyone tight, blocking your view at times, and basically just making it totally uncomfortable when you are trying to catch a glimpse of what is going on. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 2:13:02 AM