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A Consistent Golf Game

a consistent golf game

There are several movies set around golf in some form, and golfers may be tempted to critique the players and the golf games played in those movies. If you're a die-hard golfer and always anxious to watch the next golf movie, be aware of your motives. If you're looking for instruction, you'll probably be disappointed. The golfers of movies never make a bad swing unless they were supposed to it's the magic of Hollywood. But golf movies do have the ability to motivate us as golfers, or even as would-be golfers.

Hollywood will make a movie about anything literally, and the sport of golf is no exception. And, with Hollywood making golf movies, comes the fact some of them are good, while others are not worth watching. This, though, will be up to the individual who makes the choice of which movie to see.

We will start with a golf movie starring Kevin Costner and examine it, following it with the Matt Damon, Will Smith entry and end up with Adam Sandler. Know this, while these are three golf movies, they are not the only ones out there or available.

Beginning with "Tin Cup", we find a golfing legend, but are never really told how Roy McAvoy achieved legendary status. We are informed he is a world class ball striker who has a knack for never finishing anything.

The fun begins when he meets Rene Russo, a local psychologist. Through a series of trial and error, "Cup", as the character is most often called, finds himself qualified for the U.S. Open. Theoretically, this is possible, but highly unlikely as making the cut for the Open is extremely difficult for tour players, much less driving range pros.

Overall, it's not a bad movie. It's nearly impossible to foresee the fiasco Costner will face once he's at the Open, or even the encouragement he gets from Russo.

Next comes "The Legend of Bagger Vance" where Will Smith helps Matt Damon find himself and what's important to him through golf. The movie begins with the father of Charlize Theron killing himself after building the course, only to have the Depression hit. Theron extorts Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to play in a match tourney. The town leaders insist on a local golfer playing as well, with Damon's character getting rooked into it.

There are no losers in the movie as all three tie at the end of play. However, Damon and Theron, who were married before he went to WWI, get back together. It is presumed they remarry and live happily ever after. Throughout the movie, though, Smith (Bagger Vance) provides spiritual guidance for Damon, and the narrator, Hardy Greaves.

Next up is Sandler's "Happy Gilmore" a most improbable golf movie as Sandler, a failed hockey player, takes up golf on a lark and finds he's a natural. However, any golfer attempting to make the shots "Gilmore" makes will not only look ridiculous, but could injure himself in the process. Gilmore's "driving" style - hopping toward the ball - simply will not work on the golf course as the slightest misstep will see the ball careen who knows where, if the player connects with the ball at all.

Of course, "Happy Gilmore" is not supposed to be a serious golf movie. Sandler is a comedian and the movie shows this quite well. But, for a more serious golf movie, there is a recent one out about Bobby Jones, and what he went through