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A Consistent Golf Game

a consistent golf game

Where exactly you decide to take your golf vacation is totally dependent on personal preference. Your ideal spot may include a warm and sunny climate, like Arizona. Or perhaps you prefer a cooler climate, like the windy shores of North Scotland.

Everyone has their own individual needs. Once you decide on the approximate region of your golf vacation destination, be sure to ask yourself a few questions to help narrow down your options.

How Good Of A Golfer Are You?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is "How good of a golfer am I?"

Think about it, if you are pretty new to golf and are considered a beginner, then choosing a vacation spot that has a particularly tough course will not be enjoyable. Not only will of course be tough, but you may slow the game down for other groups playing behind you.

To find out the difficulty level of the golf course in question, look up its course rating and slope. If the number rating is 72 or lower, then that is considered to be a moderate playing course and suitable for beginner to intermediate golfers. And if the slope number is lower than 115, then that is also acceptable for rookie players.