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A Consistent Golf Game

a consistent golf game

Between have the right set of golf clubs, a high quality golf bag, the right shoes, proper clothing, golf balls, and numerous other golf accessories, one of the most important items to never forget is your golf glove.

The best way to protect your hands from forming blisters is to have a good quality glove, and one that fits properly. The perfect golf glove should be one that is comfortable and fits perfectly on your hand. Wearing a solid-fitting golf glove benefits your play in two ways:

1. Keeping your hands from getting blisters.
2. Helping you maintain a firm, steady grip on the club.

Choosing The Right Golf Glove Is Easy

You don't have to be a professional golf player or an expert on gloves to know which one to buy. Just keep in mind that the most important element to consider when buying a glove is getting one that fits well and is comfortable. Never buy a glove without trying it on first. And if the store does not let you try it on, shop somewhere else!

A good golf glove should be worn on the top hand, which has the greatest distance from the clubhead. If you are right-handed, you need a glove on your left hand, while lefties need a glove for their right. The glove should have a comfortable stretch across the palm of your hand, and the fingers should not be too long, nor too short.

Find one that fits snugly across your palm and fingers and that you can easily fasten it with the Velcro strap on the back of your hand. If the Velcro strap goes too far across or doesn't reach the back of your hand, try on another one. If you notice loose material in either your palm or where your fingers are holding the club, then this can result in a blister, since the fold can rub between the skin and your club.

Also keep in mind that not all gloves fit the same. Different companies make golf gloves that vary in how they fit. For instance, a regular women-sized Nike glove will probably fit differently from a regular women-sized Callaway glove.