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A Consistent Golf Game


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a consistent golf game

The secret to becoming a better golf player is really no secret at all. It just takes practice, plain and simple. The only way to straighten out your long shots, master your bunker shots, or sink the majority of your putts with ease is to invest into your practice time wisely.

The Unconventional Approach

I am sure that you are well aware of the benefits that golf practice ranges can have on both your tee-off shots and your short game approach. However, the ideal set of scenarios that you will face during any real golf game does not particularly exist in such "safe" practice zones. In other words, try something different, break the mold.

When playing on the golf course, you can usually improvise or create an uncommon or unconventional shot to make for future scenarios. So when it comes to practice, why not practice some of these situations more often and prepare yourself for those inevitable pitfalls and unwanted mistakes on the golf course? If anything, taking rare types of swings and bizarre shots will break the monotony of your practice sessions.

Preparing For Any Condition

The last thing you want to do is start knocking golf balls from a busy road, but if you have a standard course that you play on regularly that contains a cart path, then by all means, start making shots directly from this road during your practice sessions.

Try hitting a couple of 5 Irons back into the game as part of your practice regimen. This way you are prepared for the shot if it ever comes up (and it will). Many professional golf players practice in this same manner. In fact, you can read about how Tiger Woods will practice like this on any course he has to play on.

Tip: Do not use your good set of clubs for some of these practice shots. You do not want to damage them. Instead, go shopping for some older irons that are similar to the clubs you use and practice with them. This will prevent repeated damage to your quality golf clubs.

A Few More Unconventional Shots You Can Practice With

Just to give you a few more practice ideas and allow your creative juices to start flowing, here is a brief list of unconventional shots that you can add to your golf practice regimen:

1. Use a 3-Wood to chip the ball.
2. Turn your club over in order to play from the side of a tree.
3. Play from the road.
4. Hit several shots from an inch or more of water.
5. Putt from the bunker area.
6. Bellying a wedge.
7. Play the ball from up against a wall or fence.
8. Bury the ball deep in sand and hit it back into play, otherwise known as a "fried egg" shot.
9. Play a few shots from rough, dried out grass.
10. Putt the ball with a 3-Wood.

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