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Rollsroyce Golf Equipment
22backswing E28093 How To Perfect Your Backswing The Quick 26 Easy Way22
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22learn Why You Are Hooking The Ball 26 How To Stop It22
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7 Wood Hitting Distance
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Adjusting Your Golf Stance
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Golf Yardage Of Nine Iron
Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary
Why Are Golf Shoes Really Necessary
Average Distance 9 Iron
Average Distance Golf Seven Iron Driving
Average Golf Shot Distance
Average Stimp
Avoiding Pushing A Golf Ball
Back Of Stance Golf Irons
Sand Wedge Ball Placement
Ball Placement For A Sand Wedge
Ball Placement For A Sand Wedge
Basic Equipment For Golf
Basic Equipment To Play Golf
Basic Golf Terminology Golfers

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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Artificial obstructions on the golf course are made up of anything man-made that gets in the way of the ball. There are two types of artificial obstructions that you will find; movable obstructions and immovable obstructions.

Movable Obstructions: Movable obstructions can be anything such as a cigarette, a soda can, shovel, food wrappers, etc. These items can be simply removed from the course so that you can play your ball from where it lies. If any of these objects are actually touching the ball, then you are allowed to mark the spot, lift the ball up, remove the item, then put the ball back in the original position.

Immovable Obstructions: The second type of artificial obstruction is known as the immovable type. Such examples include large trailers, sprinkler heads, bleachers, etc. Basically, anything that is too large or heavy to be moved by a golf player is considered an immovable obstruction. If your ball happens to land in or underneath one of these items then you are allowed to move the ball back into play without being penalized.

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