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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Some of your best learning experiences can come from watching a live tournament with professional golfers. Anyone who is serious about golf and has had a chance to see the professionals play in competition have watched closely and improved their golfing skills.

Pay Attention

At the tournament, pay attention very closely to how the professionals manage the course. Study carefully the golf player and his or her caddie as they go through their routine of determining what club to use, figuring out yardage, and the best way to shape the upcoming shot.

Take mental notes and ask yourself questions for future reference, such as: "Did that player have a shallow swing arc, or a steep one?" or "Why does that particular golfer always hit his balls low, while the other competitor sticks to hitting them high?"

Notice the changes in ball positions and how each player handles a lousy lie. You should be focusing so intently that you'll tune in to the arc and swing timing of the players.

By checking out firsthand just how professional golfers set up their swing, what tempo they have, swing arc, etc. you can have an invaluable day full of lessons that can help your golf game for years to come.

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