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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Learning how to make a great golf swing every time you step up to the ball takes years of practice and skill. When practicing your swing, it must be one fluid motion of grace and finesse, from the start of the backswing to impact, and finally, the follow through.

The Backswing

The backswing is the initial movement of the golf club and it is responsible for setting up and defining everything that follows. If you have a poor backswing, then unfortunately everything else that follows will be unsatisfactory and the end result will be poor shot.

The Takeaway

Once you are set up and in position to prepare for your shot, begin the backswing by moving your club slowly and keep the clubhead as close to the ground as possible.

Do not move the club too fast as this may cause a steep swing plane and minimize your power and accuracy. And be sure that your left shoulder is slightly higher than the right shoulder (right-handed players). Your shoulders, arms, and hips should all be moving together in one fluid motion.

Golf players that start their backswing off with just their arms and hands have a tough time learning to hit with enough power on a consistent basis. You must learn to coordinate all of your body parts at one time. The key is not to think too much about it, simply turn and you will feel your arms, shoulders, and upper legs moving together. Just go with the flow.

As You Turn

Once your backswing is in motion, your body will start its turn and your right arm will begin to fold inside. The left arm should not be stiff, but remain somewhat straight. Your right elbow should be snuggled within a few inches of your body throughout the entire backswing. At this point, everything should be turning naturally and your weight will begin to shift.

Once your club shaft is in the air and pointing straight back, your wrists should begin to bend naturally. At this stage of the backswing, it is key not to tighten your grip. Keep it loose and casual, yet in control at all times.

Keep turning everything gracefully until your left shoulder starts to snuggle itself underneath your chin. The left knee will start to bend toward the other knee. The club is now in the air and over top of your head. You are now ready for the downswing.

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