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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

The Ryder Cup: Once every two years, a matchplay event called the Ryder Cup takes place. The Ryder Cup is the golf equivalent to the Olympics. It is an international matchplay event where the United States competes with Europe. The competitors take turn hosting the event, where it is held on a famous course.

The Presidents Cup: An international matchplay golf competition where the United States competes between the rest of the world, not including Europe. The competition is held in various courses.

The US Amateur Championship: A matchplay event that takes place once a year in the United States. The championship determines the best amateur male golf player. The winner of this competition usually carries out an amazing career in professional golf.

The Women's Amateur Championship: A matchplay competition that decides the best amateur player in the female category.

The Women's U.S. Open: A Strokeplay competition that determines the best professional female golfer in the world. With the right qualification, any professional woman golfer from all parts of the world can compete. The tournament always takes place in the United Stats on different courses.

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