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Playing With 7 Wood

playing with 7 wood

When shopping for a perfect putter, visit as many golf specific accessory stores you can find.

Some of the best selections and advice given can be found at the golf shop located inside your local golf course. Shopping in such a location is ideal because you can grab a few putters and spend the afternoon trying each one out.

What should you look for during your practice swings went hunting for a putter? Simply go through the following tips:

1. Test out different length shots with your putters. Give them a fair try by hitting a few long putts as well as some short ones.

2. Everyone has a unique look or style they want to have on the golf course. So take in consideration the style of putters and find one that fits your character.

3. Try hitting a few putts with your eyes closed. This will help give you a better feel for the punter's weight, in addition to how it feels when the club makes contact with the ball.