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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

When you hit a "thin" shot in golf, your clubhead is typically making contact with the ball above its equator line. This type of shot is not only embarrassing, but it sends the ball flying off with the loft of only a few feet, if that much.

The type of club you use has an effect on the thin shot made. For example, a thin shot that is hit with a long iron, middle iron, or wood, will travel at a far less distance than a ball that is properly hit. On the other hand, a thin shot hit with a short iron or wedge will travel farther than normal after the ball hits the ground and continues to roll.

Thin Shots Can Be A Good Thing

Not all thin shots are considered to be a disaster, especially if hitting from the tee or fairway. The ball might not travel as far as you would like but it will still advance towards the hole. However, if you are facing a situation in which you must clear an area of water or a bunker, for example, then a thin shot is not going to do the trick. The ball will drop right inside the hazard and your game will be ruined.

Ouch, That Hurt!

A thin shot hit with enough power can also cause some physical pain and discomfort. The club vibrates when this type of shot is made, causing irritation in the hands and wrists. This is especially true if the shaft of your club is made of steel. You can relate this pain to a mild electrical shock.

How To Prevent The Thin Shot

The thin shot is the exact opposite of the fat shot, obviously, so that means that in most cases, the bottom of your swing happens to be too far forward. Other golfers end up hitting a thin shot because they raise their body just before making impact with the ball. A third reason why you may be hitting thin shots is due to trying to scoop up the ball into the air by using an iron.

To prevent hitting thin shots, you must make a conscious effort to keep your spine straight during the swing. However, avoid straightening your knees or torso when initiating the downswing.

Next, you should try to place the ball in different positions at address. Work with your clubs and do some testing. For example, if you have a problem with hitting thin shots using your driver, make an adjustment by teeing the ball up an inch or two back within your stance. This will help the clubhead make contact with the ball sooner, which can fix the problem.

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