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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Of all the clubs in your golf bad, you may have overlooked the potential for the seven-wood. There are those who believe the seven-wood is the best field wood in a golfer's bag.

There are golfers who may not agree with this statement, but that's a matter of opinion. The seven-wood is as close to a perfect field wood as a golfer can have in his or her bag. This is because the seven-wood swings as easily as a six-iron, but gives the golfer more distance and accuracy.

Depending on the physical strength of a golfer, the seven-wood is a great club from about two hundred and twenty five yards in. First off, it is easy to get under the ball and get the necessary elevation to move the ball toward the green, which is where all golfers want to be in as few strokes as possible. Now, should a golfer have a seven-wood with a graphite shaft the golfer will have a better feel of the ball as compared to a metal shaft. The graphite makes the club more flexible and gives the ball a little extra lift upon impact.

Another great thing about the seven-wood is it is a near perfect club on a long par 3 or a short par 4 hole. Let's say a golfer is looking at a one hundred and eighty yard par 3. Sure, he or she could grab a three or four iron out of the bag and make the drive, and make a good drive. But, by taking the seven-wood out of the bag, the golfer has given him or herself a little something extra. He or she can tee the ball a little higher than he or she could by using an iron. This will help him or her get the ball up in the air faster and headed toward the green, especially if the drive is made with the ball slightly toward the back of the golfer's stance. This also reduces the power of the swing, so the drive won't fly the green, which is hitting the ball over the back of the green.

And, by making a slight alteration in his or her stance when the field, the seven-wood can help get around or over an obstacle. Say the golfer is about one hundred and sixty five yards out and has a tree about ten yards away, directly in front of him or her. By opening the stance a little and changing the position of the hips, the golfer can slice or hook the ball around the tree, but not have such an arc as to take the ball out of play. This type of shot still allows the golfer to get all the power he or she ordinarily would with his or her seven-wood, along with the elevation he or she expects, But without the negative consequences.

This particular shot, though, should be practiced on the driving range with the seven-wood long before the golfer attempts to make it on the course

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