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Playing With 7 Wood

playing with 7 wood

Anytime you need to pop the ball into the air, but only habit travel a short distance with very little roll after it lands, the flop shot is your best option. Setting up the flop shot is simple:

1. Grab yourself a high lofted club. My personal favorite is the 60 wedge.

2. Stance yourself with a basic pitch stance. Move your target line slightly to the left. For right-handed players, you can add more loft to the clubface and open up the face angle. To create even more loft, lay the face of the club open at address.

3. Just like every golf shot you make, your lead hand should be doing its job at all times. Therefore, make sure that your hands are slightly ahead of the ball through the impact in order to maintain an open clubface when it swings down the target line

4. Finally, swing the club very steeply and outside of your target line. Practice this drill over and over until the flop shot becomes your best friend.