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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Go to any driving range these days and you will see plenty of younger golf players practicing while listening to music, using such popular products like the iPod.

The young players are not the only ones using music as a way to enjoy their swing sessions. Some professional golfers even listen to music during a tournament, such as former Canadian, Richard Zokol.

Can Listening To Music Be Beneficial?

At first you might be inclined to think that listening to music during a game of golf or while practicing at the driving range would be too distracting. However, for many people, listening to an enjoyable tune puts their mind at ease and gives them a different kind of energy that blocks negative thoughts.

It's just like driving your car when listening to music. You don't worry about driving, making turns, adjusting the mirrors, scared of the road... Everything just becomes second nature.

We believe that the same holds true while listening to music while playing golf. Try it sometime and see if it works for you.

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