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Playing With 7 Wood

playing with 7 wood

No two bunkers are the same, and neither is the sand that they are made from. When your ball lands in a bunker, you need to make an educated and perceptive assessment of the situation. You must know the type of sand the bunker is made of and the lie you must deal with.

Although every bunker is a different size and has different sand types, you will typically encounter two different extremes:

1. High Lip Bunker: Some bunkers are very small and circular, but run deep. These bunkers tend to have a big lip that you must overcome between the ball and a green. The key here is to swing the club back very steeply and then follow through.

2. Wide Flat Bunker: Other bunkers will not be nearly as deep, very shallow in fact, but will run extremely wide and expansive. You will not need to pop the ball up as high, but instead, loft it low and travel a longer distance.