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Playing With 7 Wood


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playing with 7 wood

Golf is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable sports that you will ever play in your lifetime. It is relaxing, you get to play outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, and you are always surrounded by the beauty of nature.

However, as any longtime golfer will tell you, the game itself is not as easy as you think. It takes a long time for most beginner golfers to actually stick with the game and overcome the challenges that golf offers.

This Sport Takes Focus

When you think about other sports such as basketball, baseball, or football, you will notice that these games are a bit more physical and are primarily built around taking action with physical exertion. Yes, strategy does count for something in these sports, however, with golf you need a much higher level of focus and concentration, which can prove to be more difficult than other sports.

Golf is a game where, although you are playing with and competing against other people, you' are always competing against yourself. I think that this is what draws many people into the sport.

The golf ball sits there in front of you, waiting, motionless - you are in control and it's up to you to move forward with the game. With other sports, such as baseball or football, the ball comes to you and you allow your trained reactions and reflexes to take over.

In golf, you control all movement, all of the action, everything. This is where focus and concentration comes in. Seasoned golfers are much more relaxed and easy going about taking their shots than beginner golfers are. This is perfectly normal.

Beginners often think too much, become nervous, jittery, and end up making poor shots. You must focus, relax. Golf is difficult, simply because you must learn how to create the mental intensity needed to concentrate on the ball for that perfect shot, yet at the same time relax and follow through with your swing. Add to the equation an audience of people watching and waiting on you to make your move. All of this takes a while to to get used to.

Can You Handle This Over & Over & Over Again?

As you can probably guess by now, golf is not as easy as you think. In addition to the mental challenges of focus and concentration you must endure, the art of facing the ball and using all of your mental power to hit the best shot possible must be followed through, time and time again.

Are you up for this challenge?

Consider this: The golf ball is typically only 1.68" in diameter. Your clubface may be only 4 to 5 inches, and there is only approximately 1 inch on the clubface that is considered to be the "sweet spot". You then have the shaft of your club which ranges from 32 inches up to 45 inches, or more. You must take that club and swing it all the way back above your shoulders and then down into an arc motion in order to hit that tiny golf ball with the small sweet spot of your clubface. All of this must be done in one fluid motion, just to get a decent shot. THAT my friend, takes skill.

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