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Average Yards One Can Hit A Five Iron

average yards one can hit a five iron

Listening to your favorite tunes while playing golf is not only beneficial to your subconscious mind in creating a natural golf swing without worry, but it also helps improve your tempo.

Sharpening your tempo is one of the most important characteristics of your golf swing. There is no hard and fast rule as to what tempo is best, it is a matter of personal preference. You cannot teach somebody how to correctly find their tempo. It is a natural flow that must be improved upon by the individual.

Most beginner golfers are taught to slow their swing down to improve tempo and flow. Of course you can always have a fast swing if you choose, so long as it is consistent. But this is not recommended at the expense of the fundamentals of making proper contact with the ball.

This Is Where The Music Comes In...

Because tempo is unique to the individual golfer, listening to music that suits your mind and puts you in a natural state of relaxation brings the subconscious into play and allows it to take over your swing, so to speak.