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Average Yards One Can Hit A Five Iron


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average yards one can hit a five iron

At this point you have learned the proper technique in initiating your backswing. Now we will describe in detail the steps that follow.

The Top Of Your Swing

Your backswing has been started and the club is now over and above your head. Avoid swinging your body at this point because it will damage consistency. The club is in the air and should be pointing towards your target line. The majority of your weight should be stressed on the right foot, and the left knee should be slightly bent inward.

The right knee will have a slight bend throughout the entire backswing and will brace the power to come from your body. It is acceptable to permit your left foot to rise slightly at the top of your backswing, but keep it to a minimum as it may throw your accuracy off a little. It's better to practice keeping your left foot grounded if possible.

Everything In Its Place

The moment of contact is now upon you and at the top of your backswing you should experience a tremendous quantity of energy and power, rolled tightly in your body, just waiting to release and send the ball flying.

You should feel confident and athletic. The shoulders should be at a full 90 degrees and your hips turned to approximately 45 degrees. These angles are not set in stone, just generalities. Every player has different levels of flexibility and technique.

Strive to practice your backswing as often as possible. And you do not need to be at the driving range or on a golf course to do so. Every chance you get, simply stand in front of a mirror so you can see your body parts moving and following through with the proper technique. It's best to have a friend check out your backswing for constructive criticism. This way he or she can let you know of any tweaks that need to be made.

* Be sure that your head is centered over the ball as best possible. You may allow a small amount of lateral motion if needed.

* The left arm should be straight throughout the entire backswing, however, a small amount of bending that is acceptable.

* The left shoulder should be tucked snug underneath your chin.

* The right arm should be folded smoothly into your side and brush across the rib cage.

* The right knee should always maintain its bend throughout the entire backswing.

* Your body weight should be shifted considerably to the right foot when turning your body behind the ball.

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