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Average Yards One Can Hit A Five Iron


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average yards one can hit a five iron

If you are like me, then most of the fun and challenge of a good game of golf is making successful recovery shots from unsuccessful tee offs. Of course the goal is to avoid these type of hazard areas altogether, but like I said, it's a lot of fun working your way of trouble.

Below is one tough area to shoot from when your ball gets in trouble, in addition to some tips on working your way out of the situation.

Hitting The Ball From A Divot

As you know, a divot is the term to describe a small chunk of grass that is sliced out of from the course by most iron shots. The entire patch is scooped out, roots, dirt, and all. Most of the time, courteous golfers will replace any divots that they make and the grass will re-root itself in a few days making the area appear brand-new. However, not all players are as kind to the course as you and I are. Many people do not take the time to replace their divots.

When this happens, the course is left with a hole in the ground which causes a headache of a shot for you, especially when the ball snuggles right inside the divot hole. Now you have a shot to make that is resting on top of sandy soil instead of grass. This can be disastrous.

When you hit the ball from such a divot hole, you must make contact with the golf ball first, instead of the ground. Many beginners have a tough time with such shots because if the ball is hit even a bit flat, it's not going to move very far at all. You must adjust your stance so that you can make the downward swing steeper than normal, making sure to tap the ball first before hitting the ground, if at all.

Choose The Right Iron

When facing a divot hole shot, your best bet is to choose an iron that gives you a decent amount of loft. Remember, you might not be able to get ball onto the green with your iron in this particular situation, but the important goal here is to simply get out of the divot entirely. And because you will be adjusting your stance in your swing so that you de-loft the clubface, the ball should go further than normal.

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