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Average Yards One Can Hit A Five Iron


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average yards one can hit a five iron

Competition can bring out the best in us, and the worst. And when it comes to golf, it is probably the most psychological sport in existence. No other sport requires so much of your mental clarity and attitude than golf does.

Competition Takes Sharp Focus

When you compete in a golf tournament, regardless of what level you're playing at, the last thing you want to do is choke up in front of other people. That is a lot of pressure which can play mind games on yourself.

Once a little bit of doubt creeps into your head, the next thing you realize is that your typically easy tee shot is now slicing off less than 50 yards away, while all of the other players' tee offs are traveling towards the 200 yard mark, perfectly straight down the fairway.

You have to remember that golf is a mind game. You will always attract the kind of shots in which you are thinking about, or better yet, how you are feeling. In other words, if you nervously step up to the ball with fears and doubts running through your head, the chances are high that you will hit a bad shot.

This 'law of attraction' works when you feel good about your game as well. If you feel comfortable, confident, and are in your comfort zone, success will be second nature. Having this type of confidence for making each shot has the tendency to send a calming feeling over your entire body and ease your mind. You just step up, take your swing, and watch proudly as the ball sails away towards its target.

The Pressure Of Competition Takes Time To Get Used To

When you first start competing, every golf shot will be one that you absolutely must do well at. Your only thoughts are winning the tournament and every shot counts.

This additional pressure will probably do more harm than good when you first start entering golf competitions.

A good analogy is to compare competing in golf the same as lifting weights. When you first start exercising, the weights are very heavy and your muscles become very sore. However, in time you know what to expect when hitting the gym and you start to build stronger and stronger muscles.

Just like your body gets stronger from more and more exposure to weights, you can experience the same mental strength from playing golf on a competitive level. Your focus will sharpen and eventually your strategic abilities will be paramount to any other golf game you played in the past. Eventually, you will look back at your beginning days of competition and laugh at just how nervous and fearful you once were.

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