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Average Yards One Can Hit A Five Iron


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average yards one can hit a five iron

The technology that is used to create today's golf clubs is simply amazing, and there is nothing more exciting than the new Optica series putters, made by Cobra.

This putter is the world's first to include Fiber Optic Technology. In this case, the Optica is designed through Cobra's TruGlo technology, which helps get golfers' putts lined up.

The features of the Optica is in its efficient weight distribution. It allows forgiveness, while the putter's tri-material construction creates a soft feel and will dampen any unwanted vibration. The TruGlo technology literally appears to be illuminated.

Vibration is minimized on the Optica due to a urethane section which connects the aluminum clubface to the steel bar, perfect for golfers who like to play by feel.

Putterhead: 6061 forged Aluminum with Forged Steel weight bar
Putterface: 6061 forged Aluminum
Designs: SL-01, Heel-shafted, face balanced mallet; SL-02, Center-shafted, face balanced mallet (available LH)

Price: $159

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