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Golf Clubs - How Fast Should Your Club Swing Be?

Golf Clubs - Is It Time To Upgrade To A New Set Of Golf Clubs?
April 27th, 2017

Golf Clubs - Learn The Basic Anatomy Of The Golf Club

Once beginner golfers have spent plenty of time learning the fundamentals of the game and sticking to the basics for a least one year or more, getting their short game skills down pat, and seeing their scores start to dip down into the 80s, the next step is to consider changing up your golf clubs.

Up until this point you should have been playing with the same set of golf clubs since the beginning stages of your game. The reason behind this advice is so that your time has been spent figuring out your personal and unique style, of which would be hard to learn by changing golf clubs too often.

Investing In A New Driver

Now that you are a bit more advanced, you should be moving on to new clubs so as not to hold back your progress. Investing into a new driver should be your first consideration. In fact, if you have only been playing for the last 12 months or so, you may not even have a driver. Many new golfers do just fine by teeing off with a fairway wood because the wood tends to be easier and provide the best accuracy for the beginner.

Whether or not you have gone this entire time without a driver, or are simply upgrading from your old one, expect to pay a good chunk of change. Drivers are not cheap. In fact, reliable brand-name drivers can cost you $500 or more!

Titanium Clubs

Spending over $500 for a driver may sound ridiculous at this point in time, especially since most of us consider that all our clubs combined should cost $500 or less, however, a good driver is worth the price tag because it is made out of high quality, first-rate material. Most top-dollar drivers, and other clubs, have heads that are made almost totally from titanium.

Titanium is an amazing metal that is actually stronger than steel, but weighs far less. Titanium is extremely expensive and so is the technology needed to break it down and build it as the head of a driver.

These types of clubs are used by professionals all over the world. Titanium club heads are not only lighter to handle than wood or steel, they are also built larger, which offers a bigger sweet spot on the club face, which as you know gives you a better chance for the ball to make contact as efficiently as possible.