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Golf Clubs For Beginners - Choosing With Club To Use

Golf Clubs Rules
May 27th, 2017

Golf Clubs - Getting The Job Done With The Right Club

According to the official rules of golf, each player is allowed to carry with them a maximum of 14 clubs in their golf bag.

Beginner golfers may not be too concerned about having all of these clubs, but more seasoned players, like myself, know specifically which clubs will be used and what type of shot to make with them.

Those of you who are just starting out may only want to carry 4 to 5 golf clubs in your bag. You do not have to have all 14 clubs with you just because the rules set that number as the limit.

What Makes Up The Typical 14 Club Set?

There is a standard average number of clubs that many amateur golfers have in their golf bag and they are:

(1) Driver
(8) Irons
(2) Fairway Woods
(2) Wedges
(1) Putter