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Golf Hats - A Necessity During Those Bright Sunny Golf Days
April 27th, 2017

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Wearing a hat while playing golf is more than just a fashion statement, but rather a necessity.

Wearing a hat helps you from getting sunburned and also protects your eyes. You'd be amazed on how essential it is to have a good hat brim when it comes to helping you see the journey of the ball and watch the movement and undulations of the putting green.

A good golf hat should be lightweight in order to provide the best comfort while keeping your head cool on hot days. Keep in mind also that wearing a light-colored hat during the summer season helps in keeping the sun's rays.

A regular baseball cap or golf cap works very well. But on days when the sun is very strong, you might prefer to wear a full-brimmed straw hat or sun hat. This type of hat works extremely well in keeping the sun's harmful rays off of your entire face, neck, and the top of your shoulders.