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Golf Swing - Beginner's Guide To Swinging A Golf Club (Part 5)

Golf Swing - Beginner's Guide To Swinging A Golf Club (part 6)
April 27th, 2017

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The following points accurately sum up basic beginner advice when learning the ropes of making a great golf swing:

1. What makes a golf swing more difficult to perfect than other sports which utilize a similar accessory, such as baseball for example, is due to the fact that it involves vertical and horizontal planes. In baseball you only swing the bat for one motion - horizontal.

2. When you make your golf swing, you should not be thinking about making contact with the ball. Rather, your focus should be on swinging through the movement and beyond the ball. Pretend that the ball isn't there.

3. A perfect swing should be balanced, smooth, and graceful. It should never be forced or made with brute strength. Technique and fluidity is everything.

4. Your ideal swing plane should not be steep. Instead, it should gravitate towards being flatter.

5. Begin your backswing very slowly while the clubhead moves low to the ground. Your body should begin to move in unison, as one unit.

6. During the top of the swing, the right arm should be folded snug in into your side (right-handed golfers). The left arm should be straight, but not totally stiff. The hips should be turned at approximately 45°. The shoulders should be approximately 90°. Most of your weight should also be placed on the right foot.

7. The downswing should be viewed as an "uncoiling" of the body. Your hips turn first, followed by the shoulders, then the arms and hands, and finally the clubhead. Consider the movement the same as cracking a whip. The majority of your weight should then be transferred to the left foot during the downswing.

8. You must always follow through once the ball has been hit and is soaring towards the target. If you do not follow through, you can risk injuries to the arms and torso, as well as decreasing the speed of the ball.

9. And finally, beginners who are set on learning how to make the perfect golf swing should always use the 7-iron. This club is perfect for learning the proper techniques that make a great swing.