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Hook Shot - Learn How To Put An End To The Dreaded Hook Shot

Hook Shot - Learn Why You Are Hooking The Ball & How To Stop It
April 27th, 2017

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While slicing the ball is probably the most common flaw that beginner golfers have problems with, the second largest mistake made is called the hook. It is the exact opposite of the slice, but equally frustrating

A hook is the result of the ball hit with a low tee shot which goes straight for a while but all of a sudden makes a sharp left turn and gets buried in the woods, sunk in a water hole, or lands in the rough.

The Problem Is Simple

Golfers that are prone to making hook shots often have the clubface closed in relation to their swing path. This causes the ball to sidespin counterclockwise (when talking about right-handed golfers) and hooks the ball to left.

The issue is not hard to figure out, nor is it rocket science. It is just a matter of common physics. The clubface is simply closing in too soon which makes it point to the left of the target when impact occurs.

Check Your Body

If you have a problem with hooking the ball, you will soon discover that you are probably swinging with far too much hand and arm force, and not enough movement with the body.

Your problem which is causing your ball to end up hooking is because the clubhead gets warped into the closed position from all of your upper body movement and the hips never open up completely. This habit of closing your hips and having too much force from the arms and hands will almost always result in a hook. It is inevitable.

The problem may also lie within your grip. Often times, golf players who hook the ball tend to be using too strong of a grip. The clubface tends to be closed when impact occurs because there are more than three or so knuckles showing on the left hand at address. Reduce your grip and maneuver the hands so that only two knuckles are showing. This can help immensely and sometimes cures the issue immediately.