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Junior Golf: How Parents Of Junior Golfers Can Make The Most Of Their Child's Game

Junior Golf Clubs: How To Shop For The Perfect Sized Golf Clubs For Your Child
April 27th, 2017

Junior Golfers: Does Your Child Really Love Golf Or Simply Wasting Their Time?

How many of you golf fans can remember the good-old-days when golf clubs for kids were simply standard sized clubs which were broken down to fit the height of the child?

Back in those days, golf clubs were just golf clubs and as a junior golfer, you were lucky enough just to get your father's hand-me-down set of clubs. If they were too big for you, tough luck, you had to use them as best you could.

I started playing golf when I was 13 years old and my experience was exactly the same as described above. When I told my dad that I needed golf clubs, he simply ran out and bought himself a new set and gave me his old ones. Needless to say it was very awkward trying to play golf with those big clubs, but at that time it was all we had. My father could not afford to have them cut and adjusted to my size.

Today's Junior Golf Clubs

Fortunately for today's enthusiastic junior golfers, supply and demand has created a multi-million dollar business selling golf accessories, specifically golf clubs for juniors. Gone are the days of having to put your child through the awkward experience of using adult golf clubs. Now we have companies that will supply your child with a perfectly fitted set of golf clubs, just right for a kid's size.

As far as price is concerned, in most cases there is very little difference between junior golf clubs and standard size golf clubs. Depending upon the manufacturer, you could probably find cheaper golf clubs for kids by shopping around, however, it is always best to go for quality whenever possible. You want your child to have a decent set of clubs that will last a at least a couple of years.

How To Shop For Junior Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are expensive and the last thing you want to do is purchase a set of clubs for your child that will become outgrown in six to eight months. The number one factor to keep in mind when shopping for golf clubs is to size up perfectly for height and also estimated growth.

The ideal goal is to ensure that these new junior golf clubs will last two years. Go for a little extra height even if your son or daughter as to choke up on the grip. Trust me, in six months to a year that grip will be perfectly level. Kid's grow fast!