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Live Golf Tournament - Proper Etiquette (Do's)

Live Golf Tournament - Proper Etiquette (don'ts)
April 27th, 2017

Lost Golf Ball

Watching a professional golf tournament in person is one of the greatest experiences a golf fan like you and I could ever have. In fact, I try to attend at least two professional golf competitions every year.

Like any organized event, there are certain do's and don'ts that come along with being a guest. Below are the don'ts:

1. Don't wander off inside of the ropes which are used to block off spectators.

2. Don't speak or move while one of the players is setting up for their swing.

3. Don't ever heckle a player.

4. Don't get rowdy, overly intoxicated, or obnoxious on the golf course. Golf is a courteous support so keep it that way!

5. Don't cross the fairway unless a course marshal gives you the green light.

6. Don't litter on the course, including cigarette butts.

7. Don't take pictures when a player is obviously concentrating on his shot. In fact, most tournaments do not even allow cameras.

8. Don't be rude to other spectators by pushing them out of the way just to get a better view.