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New 2007 Putter: F2 Hamilton Series Putter Review

New 2007 Putter: Heavy Putter Matte Series Review
April 27th, 2017

New 2007 Putter: Optica Putter Series Review

Matte Series has done it again. They have created a putter, released in 2007, called the "Heavy Putter" and this beautiful piece of equipment now comes with a matte finish with an aluminum plumber's neck hosel in the color green.

There are two models that you can choose from. They are the blade and the mallet. Each come with a plumber's neck hosel that is offset by 1 complete shaft.

There is a 250 gram Winn grip and a putterhead that weighs 475 grams. This design definitely keeps the larger muscles of the body engaged, while minimizing the use of the smaller muscles.

The greatest advantage of the new Heavy Putter is its grip. It is considered to be "heavy" which moves the club's balance point up the shaft at least 75% higher than standard putters. Pendulum strokes are made much easier with this design.

Putterhead: Stainless Steel (CNC milled)

Putterface: Stainless Steel (CNC milled)

Designs: A2,M-Plumber's nick, full shaft of offset, face-balanced blade; B2,M-Plumber's neck, full shaft of offset, face balanced mallet.

Models Available: Matte Series, Original Series