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Pull Shot - A Common Problem That Can Easily Be Fixed With These Simple Steps
April 27th, 2017

Push Shot - A Quick Fix To A Common Problem

One common mistake that beginner golfers make when hitting the ball is called the "pull". By reading the following description of this problem below, you will quickly realize whether or not this flaw is a problematic shot for you. You will also receive simple tips to remedy the issue.

The Pull Shot

A pull describes the ball as it makes contact with the club and immediately starts out by going into the left direction, and stays that way (right-handed golfers). This shot is made when the clubhead comes in towards the ball from outside of the target line, instead of the intended target, and with the face pointing the exact same way.

When a golfer pulls the ball, he or she turns the shoulders way too early and the club gets ahead of the body during the swing. When impact with the ball occurs, the shoulders are prematurely opened up.

A second cause for a pull shot is by having the ball in a position that is far left within your stance. For the right-handed golfer, the club face begins to close early and move to the left of the target line, long before it gets to the golf ball.

How To Get Rid Of The Pull

In order to solve the problem of the pull shot, you must ensure that your shoulders are in line with the target line during impact. The following steps should help:

1. Be sure that you are completely aimed properly and aligned at address. Your feet, hips, knees, and shoulders should all be parallel towards the target line.

2. Take notice of your shoulders and be sure that they are not aimed to the left or to the right.

3. Your weight should be consciously shifted to your left side (right-handed golfers). By not shifting your weight appropriately to the left foot, your hips and shoulders will open up too early, which encourages the pull.

4. Now bring it all together by working on the shifting of your weight, your aim, alignment. Swing through slowly, with ease. Instead of forcefully hitting at the ball, take a graceful swing through it. Eventually, the pull should go away.

Last Minute Tip: A quick tip that may help eliminate the pull problem is to move the ball back within your stance, only slightly. This should cause your clubface to hit the ball a little sooner so that it makes impact while still pointing towards the target, thereby leaving no room for the clubface to travel to the left.