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Putter - 3 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Putter

Putter - Do You Have The Best Putter Available?
April 27th, 2017

Putter - The Best Advice When Shopping For A New Putter

When it comes to your choices of golf clubs to carry in your bag as you play the course, the official rules state that you can have up to 14 total. While different players may use a variety of irons and woods, there is always a putter. In fact, many opinions agree that the putter is probably the most important club a golfer has.

Statistics show that professional golfers will make almost half of their total game shots with a putter. Many players who golf regularly may carry up to four different putters in their bag, in case one of the putters is feeling a little "off". If you are a beginner golfer, there is no need to have more than one putter until you become a little more seasoned with the game.

What Size & Shape Putter Is Best?

If you walk into any golf store you will see a huge variety of putters that come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are just two main types of putters; the mallet and the blade putter.

Mallet putters have a large, flat sole and a rounded back. This putter is great when shooting off-center putts because the weight is evenly distributed across the face of the club.

A blade putter is a top choice due to its ability to make it easier to align with the golf ball. Blade putters also have more right angles than the mallet.

Out of all of the different sizes and shapes of putters you can find in a golf accessory store, the one thing in common you'll notice on all putters is that the clubface lines up exactly perpendicular to the target. In other words, when the putter is held properly, the face will always be pointed straight towards your target.

The only time that a putter can do more harm than good is when a golfer accidentally bends it when he or she drops their golf bag. It happens often and can prove to be frustrating for the serious gamer. A bent putter makes it tough to align your aim, as well as hitting the ball straight.

A New Type Of Putter

There is a new breed of putter clubs on the market that is fairly recent in development. These putters have an extended shaft. Professional golfers have found some relief in this new design after experiencing problems with different shaft lengths of their other putters.

With a longer shaft, it makes it possible to hold tight to the top of the club on your chest, while at the same time using the arms and shoulder muscles to make the stroke. This new design has caught on in both professional golfers and amateurs alike.