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Putting - How Much Practice Time Do You Spend Putting?

Putting - How To Combine Strength & Finesse For Perfect Putt Shots
May 27th, 2017

Putting - Practice Your Way To Becoming A World Champ Putter

Being successful at putting the ball means having total confidence in your ability to make the shot, each and every time.

You must be eager, sure yourself, and perhaps a bit on the cocky side. However, there is a fine line between going after what you want in the competitive mode, and putting the ball with too much aggression and force.

Learn To Use Both Finesse & The Right Amount Of Aggression

When facing a long putt you will undoubtedly need to use a little more strength in your swing. And if you want to hit a more firmer and aggressive putt, the key is to lengthen your backstroke, not by swinging the club harder and faster.

You also need just the right touch of aggressiveness to be the kind of player that is knocking putts down all over the green. Throwing a muscle needed behind your putts can be a bit tricky And there are definitely some drawbacks to using muscle and might on your putts.

For example, if the ball is hit too hard, it can speed directly through the break. While speed is important, you cannot forget about the line. Forcing the ball into the hole will never work, at least not most of the time. Also, faster and harder putts are very likely to hit the hole and then spin out.