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Score Terminology - Understanding Par, Eagle, Birdie, & Bogie

Scorecards - Your Best Reminder Of Progression
May 28th, 2017

Shank Shot - The Most Embarrassing Shot Made On The Golf Course

Never play a round of golf without your scorecard. You may have heard this before, but it's worth repeating: A scorecard can help you improve your golf game tremendously.

Not only does the card provide you with an outlay of the course, but by bringing your previous scorecard of the same course with you, you literally have a map that highlights what shots need to be improved.

For those of you that are beginner golfers and have not kept notes of your game on a scorecard, you will need to learn how to mark one. Each scorecard provides room for your name, and your partner's names.

What is interesting about golf is that you do not have to keep track of your own score, rather you score your partner's, and vice versa. This method keeps the game honest and also encourages every player to keep a watchful eye on the other partners playing the game.

If you are simply playing golf on a recreational level, and do not care for such strict scoring rules, keeping track like this is not necessary.