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Shots From Rough - What To Do When Your Ball Lands In The Rough
April 27th, 2017

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It is inevitable that some of your shots will not go as planned and end up landing in an area which makes it quite difficult to hit the ball out of. A good player with a positive attitude will enjoy getting themselves out of trouble when making an unsuccessful shot that lands in the rough or some other messy area. It's called recovery and if you can become great at recovery shots, you will be one step ahead of the rest of the pack to being a better golfer.

The Rough

Some of the most difficult shots you can make will be from the rough, which is typically made up of tall, unkempt grass. Many times your ball will go right to the bottom of the grass which makes it practically invisible. When you make your swing, the thick, tall grass can snag your clubhead as it comes down to the ball. This may also make your shot go far left or far right, instead of the intended direction. When landing in the rough, you might as well face the possibility that you will score high on that particular hole.

Working Your Way Out Of The Short Rough

Although not a desired area for your ball to land in, the short rough is definitely a much easier recovery shot than the standard rough, as described above. The short rough has grass that is generally up to 2 inches or so and height. Decent contact with your ball should be easy to make. Choose a club that gives you more loft so that your ball has extra airtime and roll.

Your goal is to get as much loft as possible when coming out of the rough. All you want to do is make sure that the ball is back in the play zone. Yes, you may end up far short of the hole when the ball hits the fairway, but a least you'll be able to shoot for the green successfully.

Working Your Way Out Of The Medium Rough

Working your way out of medium rough areas are much the same as making shots from any other length of grass. However, there are a few tweaks that you can make in your shot which can make a big difference when working your way out of the rough.

If the zone has grass that is medium in length, as compared to the short and long rough, attempt to hit the ball with a descending blow as opposed to a sweeping movement. You can achieve this by allowing for a steeper swing arc. This way, your club will hit the least amount of grass on the way to the ball.