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Swing Tips - 4 Steps To The Perfect Golf Swing

Swing Tips - Avoid These Shots If Your Ball Lands On The Cart Path
May 28th, 2017

Swing Tips - Beginner Swing Issues

According to the rules of golf, you typically get free relief (no penalty) when your ball is lying on an artificially surfaced pathway, specifically a cart path. However, there are times when the relief you do receive is of no benefit, as it puts the ball in an undesired location, like a tangled grassy area, or too close to a tree, etc.

Sometimes your only option is to make the shot from the actual cart path, which is considered to be the lesser of all evils (in terms of your choices).

When shooting from the cart path, there are two definite things you should NOT do:

1. Never use your putter. Although the cart path is firm, using a putter to hit the ball can be disastrous. For example, the road on the famous St. Andrews course is made from tiny little pebbles, which causes the ball to roll in various directions, wobbling the entire way.

2. Never send the ball airborne. This too, is often the wrong choice to make. If you use a high lofted club from a firm, rocky road, many negative consequences can come into play. It's best to use a wedge in these types of situations.