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Swing Tips - Beginner Swing Issues

Swing Tips - Do You Have What It Takes To Learn The Perfect Swing?
April 27th, 2017

Swing Tips - How To Perfectly Align Your Club For The Ultimate Swing

In order to make every golf swing count, you need to bring together various elements of skill and concentration, that when combined, will give you a graceful swing that drives the ball with the perfect amount of loft, and for the distance needed to reach your target aim.

A Touch Of Grace

Once you have initiated the swing and the club starts its descent downwards toward the ball, it should be done without force and with as much grace as possible.

Beginner golfers tend to whip the golf club as hard as they can during the beginning portion of the downswing. This will always result in poor weight shifting and unorganized contact with the ball. Balance and power will be lost. Great shots are made with accuracy and grace, not with using all of your might.

Just The Right Balance

Balance is essential in any sport you play, particularly in golf. To perform effectively, athletes need to have the right amount of balance, especially during crucial moments of their game. When playing golf, balance plays an important role during every swing. It is responsible for the accuracy and power behind the ball.

When a player has not centered their balance and shifts their body weight from foot to foot without control, tempo is lost, and the clubhead does not hit the ball with the desired angle needed for a great shot.

The next time you are playing golf, take a look around and you will notice some players who tend to fall over a bit after their swing. They have lack of balance control.

The key to ridding yourself of the habit of weight shifting (losing your balance), is by rotating your body around one single axis point. In other words, your golf swing should not be lateral, instead it should be rotational. Keeping this in mind will help you maintain control of your body with proper balance so that you can hit the ball with precise accuracy and just the right amount of power.

What to fix first

At this point you can see that having a great golf swing takes a combined effort of many variables, which includes the right tempo, control, grace, and balance. If you are a beginner golfer or simply have improvements that need to be made on your golf swing, do not embark on fixing everything at one time.

Working on your swing takes patience and focus on one aspect at a time, and one aspect only!

There is no such thing as fixing every element of a poor golf swing all at the same time. You'll end up spinning your wheels and left frustrated. The best way to move up the ladder of skill is to take one element of your golf swing that is lacking and concentrate on that one item until it is top-notch, then move on to another area of improvement that needs touching up.