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Swing Tips - How To Perfectly Align Your Club For The Ultimate Swing

Swing Tips - Practice Golf Swings For Better Balance
May 28th, 2017

Swing Tips - The Key To Finding Your Individual Swing Tempo

When you practice your golf shots at the driving range, you can improve your game skills in different ways other than simply driving the ball one after another. One such skill that can be improved is your balance.

Instead of a forceful, choppy feeling, you want your swing to be even and fluid-like. Having good balance will help you do just that.

What To Do

You can improve your balance by taking practice swings and hitting shots with your feet squarely placed together. It will probably feel awkward at first, but you will discover that much can be learned about your body when you release your hands by swinging the club with your feet together.

Having a condensed base like this one swinging also offers you a better sense of the weight and the power of your clubhead.