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Swing Tips - Practice Golf Swings For Better Balance

Swing Tips - The Key To Finding Your Individual Swing Tempo
April 27th, 2017

Swing Tips - The Proper Way To Swing A Golf Club

What determines the qualities needed for the average golf player to become great at their golf swing? And what exactly is a great golf swing anyways?

There is a good answer to both of these questions, but first let's examined a professional golf player that is noted to have probably the best swing in the entire PGA tour, well, at least one of the best!

His name is Ernie Els and although he is over 6 feet tall, Ernie displays amazing grace and fluid athleticism. With impeccable timing, power, and amazing coordination, he makes swinging a golf club look like a piece of cake. Ernie's shots are as smooth as silk, and never appears to be forced or rushed, as if he were swinging underwater.

A Lesson You Can Take From Ernie

If you are an average player, like myself, then don't be too hard on yourself if you cannot swing a golf club like Ernie Els does. However, you can learn quite a few tips from the pros.

First off, do not try to kill the ball. You don't want to chop, slash, hammer, or swipe at the ball. Even amateur golf players who have been playing for a few years still swing as if they want to kill the ball. If you put too much energy and stress into your swing, you will undoubtedly end up making poor shots and with less power than had you used more grace and fluidity.

Take It Easy

Do you want to hit the ball long and hard, enough so that it travels at a great distance and lands exactly where you want it to go? If so, then forget about using brute strength.

Professional golfers understand that hitting the ball as hard as they possibly can may actually impede their progress. Proper tempo, grace, and a solid technique will move the ball higher and longer than just using force.

The pros understand this. In fact, you will never see John Daly or Tiger Woods using all of their might to hit the ball at the expense of technique and finesse.

Everyone Has A Different Tempo

One of the interesting ingredients that make a great golf swing is an individual player's tempo speed. Every golfer has their own tempo (speed of swing). For example, take a look at professional golf players such as Fred Couples and Ernie Els. They both swing in a very easy, almost lazy manner. Tom Watson, on the other hand, displays a more deliberate swing that comes off very fast.

It is important that you develop your own personal swing tempo. Most players have tempos that mimic their personality. If you are more relaxed and easy going, chances are that your swing will display the same attitude.

If you are more high strung, talk a lot, and move fast, then you will probably have a more deliberate and speedier swing, such as Tom Watson. There is no right or wrong in terms of tempo. Developing your own style is always the best route.