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Swing Tips - The Proper Way To Swing A Golf Club

Tee Boxes
May 28th, 2017

Television's Influence On Golf

Every hole on the golf course will have it least 3 separate tee boxes, all positioned at various distances from the putting green. The closest is typically marked with a red tee marker.

Each tee box will have a marker on the side, and is typically 10 yards apart. The length of a tee box is approximately 9 feet, or the length of 2 clubs.

The reason why a tee box is such a large area is so that you have the benefit of teeing up in different locations based on what type of shot you would like to make. When making your shot, you have to tee up your ball anywhere inside the 10 yard X 9 foot location.

According to the official golf rules, it is not necessary to stand inside of the tee box itself. Your feet are allowed to be outside of this area so long as the ball remains inside.