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Equipment Care - Dirty Golfers Are Not Welcomed!

The Fade & Draw Shot
May 28th, 2017

The Fairway

More experienced golf players have the ability to use the ball's sidespin as part of their strategy.

For example, if a particular shot on the course calls for the ball to veer to the right, he or she can purposely make the ball spin a bit clockwise (right-handed golfers), generating enough spin so that it indeed turns to the right.

In golf, this type of slicing movement is called the fade. Should the player need to generate spin on the ball counterclockwise, so that they can turn it slightly to the left, this is a hook-type shot known as a draw.

Beginner Golfers Should Not Be Concerned About Such Advanced Methods

One of the worst mistakes you can make as someone just starting out in golf is to try to copy the professional's tactics too early in your golf career, such as the above mentioned draw and fade shots.

Your job is to simply hit the ball a straight as you can. This means trying to have the least amount of sidespin possible.