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The Best Clubs For New Golfers

The Golf Channel - Are You Watching?
May 28th, 2017

The Golf Channel - Now Showing Reality Golf Shows

Co-founded by the legendary golf player Arnold Palmer, the Golf Channel has everything and anything related to golf.

This station is the equivalent to Sports Center, Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, and Monday Night Football, all combined, and with millions of subscribers from around the word.

The Golf Channel is available worldwide and features live golf game coverages from around the world. It shows high profile tournaments such as the PGA Tour, the Nationwide Tour, The Canadian Tour, and the European Tour, as well as lower-profile tournaments such as the Futures Tour and the the Buy.com Tour. Amateur golf events and celebrity golf are also covered in this station.

The Golf Channel is the exclusive home of the Nationwide Tour, the Champions Tour, the Canadian Tour, and the European Tour.

It also broadcast competitions that are listed below:

PGA Tour of America
LPGA Tour of America
USGA Tour of America
PGA Tour of Australasia
Sunshine Tour of Southern Africa