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The Perfect Grip

The Pitch & Run Shot - A Strategic Shot That Can Do Wonders On The Course
April 27th, 2017

Thin Shot - What Is A Thin Shot & How Can It Be Prevented?

There is a shot in golf which is strategically used to plow the ball through the course by keeping it low, called the "pitch and run". Another name used for this shot is the bump and run.

The pitch and run shot can best be described exactly as the name suggests: You swing the club so that it pitches the ball and causes it to run on the ground, towards the hole.

For example, let's say that you are standing 30 yards from the green and considering your options. With a bit of wind in the air, and no hazards in between your ball and the green, a pitch and run shot would be an ideal option.

How To Calculate The Pitch & Run

1. Decide how far you want the ball to be airborne before it lands and starts rolling. This is called its pitch.

2. Then consider the run portion of the shot. You need to figure out how far the ball needs to roll once it touches ground and is headed toward the hole.

3. Lastly, factor in the slope of the green. Try to predict what direction the ball may roll in after it reaches the green.